The search for Ewan Mcgregor in Castel Sant Angelo

August is the warmest periods in Rome. With temperatures soaring to almost 40 degrees celcius, the norm for many Romans are to head off for vacation. But at the same time there are a couple of events going about called the Estate Romana. And though it was a balmy evening last week, I really enjoyed myself exploring the passageways at Castel Sant Angelo with Cart and his friends.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

Castel Sant Angelo is a fortress filled with weaponry. There is a long connecting passageway from here to Saint Peter’s Square. Cart tells me that the pope could run to it for protection from enemies the during times of emergencies such as the war.

But with Angels and Demons fresh in my head, I was on a personal quest to find the insanely hensem Camerlengo Ewan Mcgregor.

There was already a crowd building up at the entrance of Castel Sant Angelo, but after queuing up for a while, we finally headed towards the passageway. I was excited. Initially I wanted to take a video of the exploration ala tv-documentary style. But it was impossible as it was really quite dark inside. Ahem. One would have thought to install some lights inside with the budget that they had.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

And yet, it was rather interesting walking through the passageway. It was quite easy to imagine oneself as royalty during the 18th century getting through the areas. Just try to ignore the throngs of other people passing through, taking pictures and whatnots

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

The first part of the passageway was sheltered and quite dark and the only source of illumination was from the lights outside. Do be careful when you’re here!

After a short walk, we reached the open part of the passageway. And I was a little surprised. What the movie doesn’t explain is that there are housing really close by the passageways. It was so close that I can peek through the window and see what the occupants are having for dinner. I wonder if they feel intruded with so many gawking people looking in.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

Above is a picture of a house that got destroyed after the antimatter bomb exploded. And then, I quickly looked around. This must be the spot where the assassin climbs out of the passageway into the streets below.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

It looked eerily similar. The sights were the same, the streets was the same … but where are you Ewan Mcgregor? And are you sure that your assassin would be able to climb out of the passageway undetected? It’s always crowded with people here.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

Anyway, a bit more walking and we reached as far as we could go at the passageway. Any further, we’d be chided by that dude sitting there in the corner. But what a shame though. I’m really curious to know how it was like walking all the way to Piazza San Pietro.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

We turned back and returned to Castel Sant Angelo. When we reached there, there were a number of buskers performing.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

We say a number of acts, such as tapdancing ladies, a jazz singer, some comedian guy who wasnt really all that funny. And this fire eating act. This guy is probably praying that he doesnt burn his luxurious hair.

We then walked down below to see the prisons. Interestingly, the temperature got cooler as we went deeper below. It was like a natural air conditioning.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

What was interesting about the prison is that the entry was so tiny that I had to bend down just to get in. This was rather puzzling to me as Europeans are rather large size. Alessandro, Cart’s friend postulated that the doors were small possibly as to make it easier to defend should there be fights happening.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

I do wonder how really tall people get in and out of these.

We then reached a room where there were many jars such as these although I’m not too certain what the function of these barrels are? Are they toilets? Where the 40 thieves hid to assassinate Ali Baba? Alessandro thinks that they are used to store grains and food.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

At length, we headed up to the top of Castel Sant Angelo. It was nice and breezy here and you could see heaps of monuments around. San Pietro at the distance, the Vittorio Emmanuele II in the corner, the night scenes and lights outside – looking at all the sights makes me understand why Rome is dubbed the eternal city.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

And here is an angel making shish kebab.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

I’m kidding!

The angel statue was conceived when Pope Gregory I saw the Archangel Michael appearing and putting the sword back into the scabbard. And it was prophesied that it was the end of the pestilence.

And that marks the end of our exploration. I had such a lovely evening roaming around the different areas in Castel Sant Angelo. But unfortunately for my feet, it was screaming out in pain from all the vigorous walking.

Rinaz at Castel Sant Angelo

But it was worth it, even if I didn’t get to see Ewan Mcgregor. Where are you Obi Wan? I hope that we shall meet … one day

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  1. what an amazing way to spend an evening and such gorgeous photos too!
    i love anywhere so rich in history and always find such place fascinating…i’m only sorry Ewan didn’t stick around to meet you…his loss!

  2. 40 degrees, Rinaz?! Kulit boleh terbakar, aduh.
    I like picture #2. It reminds me of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, hehehe.
    Did you ride the carousel? I’ve always wanted to try on one. Tapi, takut nanti kuda tu pecah sebab badan montel. Hehehehe.

    P.S I’ve kidnapped Ewan Mcgregor.

  3. I remember this place – across the bridge that’s flanked by statues right?

    This brings back memories of my trip to Rome – memories of sore feet (like yours) from walking up and down and up and down countless slopes πŸ˜›

  4. Hottest temperature I ever survived was 139 F / 59.44 C. That was in Kuwait. I’ve actually spent all but a few months of the last four years living in deserts, tropical areas, and … more deserts! I miss snow! I miss cool temperatures! All in good time though. The tropics (or at least here in Asia) have great things about them too, and great places to see.

    I suppose if those people were truly bothered by it all they would close their curtains. Is it noisy though? I bet the noise must be a pain.

    I would agree with Alessandro about the size of the door. The smaller the passageway, the easier it is to prevent people from flooding through it. Remember the Spartans at the pass? ^_^

  5. Adamantixx

    And I’ll keep on hoping that I will meet Ewan Mcgregor.

    (One of these days he’ll search on google for his name and this blog pops up and I’d be rather embarassed)


    Do come! We’ll have a bloggers in Rome event πŸ˜›


    What?! You’ve kidnapped him?! Share lah! πŸ˜›

    And no, I didnt ride the carousel … I think I’m a tad too old for that πŸ˜›

    Anyway it only goes round and round. I want my Vespa scooter babeh!

    Ms Loi

    Wah, I didnt know that the Sexeh Math teacher reads my blog … heheheh

    I hope that you wore a nice and comfy pair of shoes cos a lot of places in the city center here are not accessible by cars and needs to be traversed by foot.



    Over here we have rolling shutter that we can pull down to block the sun. But at the same time it makes it really dark inside though. Its like night time when its down.

    Its not really noisy though. Unless if its the weekend, when there are concerts and music going on πŸ˜›

    And no, I didnt watch 300. Not sure if I’d ever get the chance to πŸ˜›

  6. Interesting place!
    And regarding the previous post’s comments, I would love to ask the HODs to bring us to Rome, but chances that they would reply me with an immediate ” Of course NOT” are high πŸ™ . And I went to India during June holidays with Mrs Bala and 3 other schools. It was a joined event. Mr Rajah went with the sec 2s during the EOY hols.

    Unsurprisingly, Rome is SO much more interesting than India. But the drawbacks are that the place is very nucleated and you must have at least a little knowledge of italian to get anywhere πŸ™ . Anyway, you still owe me the tiramisu recipe!

  7. Shabel

    But not lucky enough to see Obi wan πŸ˜›

    Anyway, I think you’ll be here in Rome someday πŸ™‚


    Yeah, he used to have a shop in Tekong, and then when they moved to Tampines, he used to have a provision shop. But then later, he rented it out to be a clinic.

    Gosh, how you know?


    Just ask anyway lah … hehehe

    Rome isnt so bad, you can still get by with English since Rome is a big city and a number of people knows english. But it’ll be better of course with Italian πŸ™‚

    Tiramisu? Ehm, I never made one yet … wait I try πŸ˜›

  8. Sis, remember i told you my grandparents / mom from tekong… I finally remembered to ask her if she knew anybody who used to own shop in Tekong. She mentioned the only name i remembered… (cos i ever went to your grandparents shop in tampines)

    Hey … my mom went to your wedding tau. Small world..

  9. the entrance was made to be low so that the prisoners would be forced to bow down to god. because some prisoners there were scientists (against the teachings of the bible, hypothesize that the earth was not flat) and the church did not like that

  10. Liza

    Haha, yes, its a small world. In the end, someone will know someone’s friend etc. There’s been an experiment even about the 6 degrees of separation πŸ™‚

    My grandparents shop isnt there anymore though, they have rented it out to a doctor.


    Uhh … ok πŸ˜›


    Ohh … thanks for the nugget of information! I learnt something new πŸ™‚


    There are a lot of places here which are good for photoshoots. My next blog post, I think you’d love to have as a backdrop. Wish I was as good as you πŸ™‚

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