Tony Gelateria – Ever eaten Spaghetti Ice Cream before?

The first time that I went to Tony’s was with Cart and Jerrick last month during his visit here. He asked, where would be a good place for a gelato and Cart suggested that we head to Tony’s.

One taste and I think that I have probably found the best gelataria in Rome!

Jerrick points to Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

Tony’s Gelateria is located in the rather quiet and idyllic neighbourhood of Largo Missiroli Alberto.

Getting here would not be much of a problem on a scooter but like most part of Rome, it could be a little daunting for cars to find a parking place. Else you could use the public transportation via ATAC.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to spot the gelateria from the large signboard.

Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

Though the exterior looked rather simple, the bustling of activity from people coming in and out the gelateria belies its popularity.

Upon entering the gelateria, the first thing that you would see is the blue signboard in front of you which lists the types of gelato along with the price. The prices here are reasonable, ranging from €1.30 to €3 for their cones or containers.

Menu of Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

When you have decided on which kind to get, head to the cashier to make your order and payment, where you be given a slip of paper. You then pass the paper to the person behind the ice cream counter for them to start preparing.

One of the popular type of ice cream here is the coni (or cone) and you could have 2 – 3 gusti or flavours on your cone, according to the size of your cone.

Man passes a cone at Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

There are a number of varieties to choose from ranging from traditional flavours like strawberries, frutti di bosco to the interesting creations like puffi.

But one thing to keep in mind is that, try to complement the ice cream in its own family. I made the mistake of having Banana (sweet), hazelnut (sweet) and lemon (sour) and the flavours didnt mesh at all!

Hard lesson to be learnt.

But for me personally, the pistacchio and nocciola there is a must try. Both of the flavour is robust without it being overwhelmingly sweet.

In gelateria in Italy, the server will usually ask you, “crema?”. And if you say yes, there will be a dollop of fresh cream on top of your ice cream.

Jerrick and rinaz at Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

Cart and I ordered the spaghetti some while back. It was a rather fascinating process. The person behind the counter will scoop some vanilla ice cream into a utensil that looks very similar to a potato masher and squeeze it in a bowl.

Making Spaghetti Ice cream at Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

She then added cherry syrup on top. In other gelateria, they may serve it with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings on top. Either way, it’s still good.

Spaghetti ice cream at Tony Gelateria, Rome, Italy

Isn’t my spaghetti pretty? The next time we go to Tony, I’d like to try the Uova al Tegame (fried egg) next!

Tony Gelateria
Largo Missiroli Alberto, 13
00151 Roma

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14 Replies to “Tony Gelateria – Ever eaten Spaghetti Ice Cream before?”

  1. 😀 I LOVED the Crema so much I wish I could’ve ordered PLAIN crema with a LITTLE bit of Gelato. You picked some interesting photos of me to post up btw 😛

  2. NTT

    Palazzo del freddo – The cold palace … haha nice name! Thank you for the link. Will have to ask Cart to bring me there 🙂

    When are you going to visit us???


    Who would eat real pasta and ice cream, man? 😛


    I dont think that they sell it that way … else it will be called a cremateria instead of a gelateria 😛

    And you have interesting pictures of me in flickr so we are more or less even 😛


  3. why not ask around where you could get Uggboots? I’ve seen some Italians wear them so they must be available here, perhaps in shops which don’t carry only Uggboots but also other brands.

  4. Anyway, spring is here! You won’t need Uggboots till next winter! So you have about half a year more to look for them or get visiting Singaporean friends to bring you a pair from Singapore? (do they even sell them in Singapore?)

  5. OMG! I want! Why don’t they have such interesting things like that here? It’s a tropical country isn’t it? We should have spaghetti ice-cream. There should be a law that says one must have spaghetti ice cream for dessert every day.


    I think I had a little too much sugar this morning.

  6. You’ve done sufficient marketing for the place. The first thing i’ll do when I get in Rome is head straight to Tony Gelateria. The last pic makes me want to grab the spaghetti ice-cream.

  7. Brian

    I would love to get a scooter here. It’ll be fun to explore different places! I still have to master the Italian language as well as try to get a job here to earn one 🙂


    Hahaha, Cart and I were at Piazza Spagna last weekend and we saw a number of ladies wearing them. I was so close to wanting to ask, “excuse me, where did you get those?”

    But Cart was hypothesizing that they are tourists and they got it from the states 😛 Regardless, I got mine from online. Finally found a site where it has the colour I want … hehehe Cant wait to get them!

    There isnt an ugg boot shop in Singapore that I know of.


    I think you can try to make it yourself? The potato masher can be bought at practically any household shop 😀


    Dont forget fried egg ice cream 😛


    Of course I read your blog, its in my blog reader 🙂

    Yeah I felt the earthquake monday morning at about 3.30am. It was quite frightening … there is still the aftershocks the following day and yesterday …

    When will it stop?


    I wouldnt call it marketing since I dont work at the place. I am just sharing my experience at a place I enjoyed 🙂

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