Painting my room for the first time ever

For a very long time, my room was a shade of pink.

Rinaz Paint Job

But after numerous constructive criticisms by my mum to spruce it up in time for the wedding, I finally picked up the paintbrush and started painting my room.

Rinaz Paint Job

I’ve never painted before. After several advices from my friend on painting techniques, I bought some paint, a roller brush and a paint tray. After some trepidation, I dipped the brush in the paint and drew the brush up and down.

It was surprisingly therapeutic, like doing a giant pedicure.

Rinaz Paint Job

And after 2 days of musty clothes, splattered slacks and several cold drinks …

Rinaz Paint Job

My new wall! I know this is probably very mundane but I’m so proud of myself. I think it looks pretty good for someone who’s never painted before.

5 Replies to “Painting my room for the first time ever”

  1. Haha, but I think that considering the fact that you’ve never painted your room before, I think that it is already a very good job done. But for me, I prefer my room to be in the shade of pink because it gives me a soothing kind of feeling, I guess. Haha.

  2. Diana

    He was not 17 at the time 😛


    Different people have different reaction to colours 🙂 Which brings about to something I learnt a while back – your favourite colour reflects your personality.

    Pink lovers are affectionate people 🙂

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