Countdown to solemnization

This is it.

Less than 30 days to our solemnization.

At this point of time, I’m still scurrying on some things that needs to be tied up. My dad’s been busy sending the wedding cards, mum’s been busy with sewing clothes and I’ve been busy mostly with the processing of the documents needed for the marriage.

And honestly, I feel so unprepared and unready for the whole ceremony. I worry sometimes that in the end, we could not get married for something that I forgotten to do. Lately I’ve been having anxiety attacks over the entire events.

But I’m not having cold feet. I love him very much. He has been so kind and patient, gentle and loving to me. And though I don’t know what the future brings for me, I cannot wait for to spend the rest of my days with him.

Cart and Rinaz in Sorrento

Just a bit more dearest, we can do it 🙂

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  1. i’m giving you some comment love since it’s about the wedding and all :D. don’t worry too much, it will all come together at the end. i really hope i’ll get to see both of you on the wedding dias as hubby & wife on the 20th!

  2. Cartcart

    Yes we can!


    How about the tech65 crew doing a live stream? 😛


    Thank you … This is so exciting for us too 🙂 The countdown has begun


    Thank you for the comment love … ehehe …

    I do hope that you and your partner could make it for the wedding dinner 🙂

  3. Daphne Maia

    I cant wait! 🙂


    Thank you 🙂


    You can watch from the live streaming … hehehe 😀


    I really do hope everything goes well 🙂

    Thank you for the well wishes everyone!

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