Bintan Resort Lagoon – 2 days in paradise (part 1)

Recently, I’ve been invited by Jennifer of Dunbar Jones to join the lovely Nadnut, Jenjen as well as Sassyjan for a trip to Bintan Resort Lagoon.

I was most excited. It was such a coincidence as just a few weeks back, I told mum that I needed a break. And then this invitation happened. What a fantastic way to just chill out!

As I was allowed to bring a partner with me, I called up Geri. And on the specified date, we headed to the Tanah Merah Ferry where we met the rest of the lovely blogger ladies as well as the coordinators Felicia and Jennifer who handed us our boarding passes.

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore

I looked around the terminal area which reminded me a lot like the sentosa Mrt Terminal, Geri mentioned that the terminal has improved a lot since the last time that she was there.

While waiting for our ferry to arrive, I looked at my boarding pass and embarkation slip with interest as this was probably the second embarkation slip that I’ve ever used, the main one being the Malaysian one.

Indonesia Embarkation Card

I smiled to myself. It was my very first time going to Indonesia! How exciting!

Bintan Lagoon, Indera Bupala

And not before too long, our ferry arrived. All of us scrambled madly to enter the ferry. Not before too long, we were already acting all silly.

We’re going to Bintan tomorrow! from rinaz on Vimeo

The group wanted to sit in the middle of the ferry as Jenjen was afraid of getting seasick.

Snack bar in ferry to Bintan

But I wanted to look at the sea! So I plonked myself next to the window and stared outside. There is always something calming about looking at the waters swirling up and down.

Seaview from ferry to Bintan

And that was what I did for most of the journey. After about an hour or so, we arrived on Bintan Island! I looked up at the clock there indicating that we had to adjust our watches as their timezone with Singapore was an hour earlier.

welcome to bintan sign

We stumbled around wondering where to go next. But not for too long, we were greeted by the staff carrying placards such as these.

Woman carrying blogger placard

We were then ushered to take a shuttle bus where a pretty lady introduced herself to us, “My name is Sari and I’ll be here to show you around the resort“.

Sari of Bintan Resort Lagoon

Throughout the shuttle journey, I was marvelling to myself. “I’m in Indonesia!” and I stared at the greenery. It was not too long when we reached the resort.

I read about the welcoming dance in Malique’s blog. But nothing quite prepared me for this!

Welcome dance from rinaz on Vimeo

How very festive!

Welcome drink at Bintan Resort Lagoon

We were given a cool drink and a wonderfully fragrant towel to freshen up, which I thought was a very nice touch and were given our keys. Not before long, we headed to our separate rooms where all of us could not wait to explore.

Me and Jenjen had rooms on the same floor and while I passed her door, I noticed that Jenjen knocked on her door before opening. I was puzzled. Its not like there was anyone inside.

That was when Geri mentioned that it was a Chinese custom to knock on the door of a place you’ve never entered before as a form of salutation to the spirits. Interesting! That was something new to me.

In any-case, both Geri and I were extremely enamoured by our room. It’s gorgeous!

Bintan Lagoon Resort

I love how the entire room was decorated. It was a fusion of modern, zen as well as earthy Indonesian together. Everything looked very inviting. We loved it so much that we could not help but stop gushing.

What was there not to like?

Bintan Lagoon Resort

The beds were perfect.

Bintan Lagoon Resort

The bathroom was perfect.

Even the view outside was just a vision of loveliness.

Here is our reaction video the first time we stepped in our room :

First reaction to Deluxe Room from rinaz on Vimeo

After we’ve put our luggage in the room, we then headed to the cafe, called ‘Kopi O’ for lunch. Such a lovely spread that they had there. I love buffets!

Lunch at Bintan Lagoon from rinaz on Vimeo

Later on, after our sumptuous lunch, we were given a tour around the resort to look at the other rooms that was available there.

One of the rooms that we went to was what the original rooms looked like before it was renovated. It looked similar to our deluxe room, apart from the lack of decorations and furnishings.

Old rooms at Bintan Resort Lagoon

And then, like a piece de resistance, we were shown the suite. It was such an exclusive room. There was a walk in closet, a powder room. a four poster bed and a jacuzzi bath tub.

It was so luxurious.

4 posted bed in Suite at Bintan Lagoon resort

Jacuzzi in Suite at Bintan Lagoon resort

I bet if I had had that room, I would never want to ever leave but reluctantly we left and we were in for another surprise! Our very own buggies to drive!

Rinaz and Geri in our buggies at Bintan Lagoon Resort

It was such a treat for me. Sure, it might not be a true car, regardless, I’ve never imagine that I would ever drive it.

Excitedly, I jumped in. Geri, having experienced in driving cars and buggies, guided me on how to manoeuvre. It wasn’t that difficult, apart from reversing. And with our buggies, we explored another part of the lagoon – their villas.

Their villas were quite lovely. The feel was different from our rooms, more rustic and private even. Sari told us that for all of the villas rented, has a buggy attached to it so that it’ll be easier for the occupants to move around the resort.

Here is a quick video overview of one of their villas.

Deluxe Villa from rinaz on Vimeo

I quite liked the villas, it looked clean and comfortable and homey and would get it if I were having a vacation in a large group.

After viewing the villa, we were given a few hours of free time. Geri and I decided to head back to our rooms to rest after our explorations.

Looking out of room 4004, Bintan Lagoon Resort

Sitting in my bed, I looked out of the window and waited for the sun to set. As Bintan has an hour difference compared to Singapore, I was a little fuzzy at what time it would set. At 5 pm it was still rather bright, so I decided to watch a bit of telley. I was fascinated by Spongebob Squarepants speaking in Indonesian.

Indonesian Sponge Bob from rinaz on Vimeo

I dozed off for a bit and jolted up to find out that it was already dark at only 6 pm! Which was a waste as I wanted to catch the sunset.

To console ourselves, Geri and I decided to go to the beach anyway and frolicked in the sea before having dinner.

Rinaz admiring the full moon over Bintan Resort Lagoon

It was such a beautiful sight. The luminous, full moon that greeted the two of us. And there were just the two of us. There were no one else on the beach when we were there. It was as if, we had our own personal beach.

Full moon over the sea from rinaz on Vimeo

I love the sound of the waves crashing and the softness of the sand that it was comfortable enough for the both of us to jump around happily. Refreshed, it was time for dinner at the resort Nelayan Grill where Nadnut, Jenjen and Sassyjan were already changed and looking beautiful in their dresses.

Nelayan Grill was a lovely restaurant, decorated with tiki torches around. It was a quiet and romantic area, quite nice for couples.

Stylish Gado Gado at Bintan Resort Lagoon

While waiting for our main course, we were given gado-gado as an appetizer. I think that that was quite creative as usually the vegetables would be mixed up as a regular salad but here it was wrapped up.

Later on, after our appetizer, we looked quizzedly at our menu – ‘Surf and Turf’.

Dinner at Nelayan Grill, Bintan Resort Lagoon

Which turned out to be an entire medley of grilled food consisting of seafood, meat and vegetables. It was a hearty meal. Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught seafood 🙂

Rinaz trademark pose

After dinner, we said goodnight to each other and retired to our rooms, to be ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

Read part two where we experience the different activities in Bintan Lagoon 🙂

Rinaz at Bintan Resort Lagoon

Sidenote : Why don’t you try your luck before the 2nd November to win a resort break at Bintan Lagoon for yourself? 🙂

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    The pleasure is all ours! We really enjoyed ourselves heaps 🙂

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    I enjoyed myself there. The rooms were lovely and the beach was really lovely 🙂


    I think that you’d enjoy it … I did 🙂

  2. I think the reason you have a pleasant stay in Bintan Lagoon Resort because you were invited as part of the blogger visit for marketing purpose.

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