Ramen Ten – Yummy Japanese Food

I’ve always liked Japanese food, hence when I found out that a colleague liked to eat Japanese Food, she recommended me to Ramen Ten. Thus recently I was at Ramen Ten with fellow blogger Mintea, and all in all, we liked our lunch very much!

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

The place

Ramen Ten is situated in Far East Plaza, a popular hangout with youths in Orchard Road. It can be a little disorienting being surrounded by youths donning the latest fashion trends there.

Regardless, when we reached Ramen Ten, it was a bright and cheery place – the walls were decorated with modern urban themed murals. The furniture was pretty simple with white plastic chairs and wooden tables.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

There were a number of people already there, mostly groups of friends, couples and families.

The Service

Prepare to be greeted very loudly as you step into the restaurant itself – every time a customer walks in, the staff will shout out an energetic “Arigato Gozaimas!” – for me, I thought that it brought a sense of bustling energy about the place.

As we sat down by the friendly waitress, we poured over the menu and took a while to decide what to order. I looked at the glass panel across me and saw the cooks busy at work, tossing and frying their food over the fire.

For some reason, the food that we ordered took much longer than usual, which alarmed Mintea and me. We saw other customers that arrived later than us getting their food earlier. Mintea informed me that she’s never had such an experience before, having eaten here several times.

Thankfully, a helpful waitress noticed us and ushered the cooks to hasten our food for us.

The Food

But the food was worth waiting for! For appetizers, we had sushi.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

The one on top was my spicy fried ebi maki ($3.90) deep fried prawn sushi which was really hot – being covered with chili flakes. But it was really tasty to me and I liked it a lot. The ones at the bottom were deep fried maki ($2.90) which were like my sushi, without the chili flakes – Mintea liked it very much 😀

After our appetizers, we had our main dish. This was Mintea’s Tempura, grilled salmon, Chawanmushi bento set ($15.90)

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

Mintea said that she enjoyed it. For someone who doesn’t usually enjoy eating salmon, she liked it as it was not as fishy tasting. She also enjoyed her tempura as well as the chawanmushi – which was basically steamed mixed egg.

However, Mintea thought that it was the soup that marred the bento set, with it being sweet rather than salty.

This was my Super Spicy Ramen ($7.90)

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

This was really tasty to me. It was a unique taste of seafood stock, cream and chicken meat and a whole load of heat! My mouth was tingling with each bite and I finished my bowl of ramen.

About a week ago, bro and I went to Ramen Ten and ordered for ourselves :

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

Beef Ramen which bro loved very much. Again, it was an interesting taste of milky, seafood stock with cooked, marinated beef ramen. It was a unique and tasty at the same time.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

As there was a promotion of free soda with the bento set at the time, I had the mixed sushi and cold ramen bento set. ($14.90) It was  a delight in the mouth. The deep fried prawn sushi were lovely and crispy, although I found it a little strange to have mayonnaise on top of it. The chawanmushi was like an eggy hidden treasure with bits of chicken, prawn and crabstick as you dig into it.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

The salmon was extremely tender that I didn’t even need to chew on it much – I slurped it down contentedly.

I did have some issue with my bento set though. I thought that the plate for soy sauce was so tiny. I could hardly dip my sushi in it without my sushi crumbling. And my cold ramen was rather tasteless. Is it meant to be that way? If it wasn’t for the accompanying soup, it would be rather boring to eat.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

Regardless, the both of us liked our food a lot. Although I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the food, I really liked the food here and I think that this is a place worth going to.

Ramen Ten - Far East Plaza, Singapore

6 thumbs fingers up!

Here is a quick video review after our lunch :

Ramen Ten from rinaz on Vimeo

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  1. mmmmm… now u make me crave japanese food. i love ramen ten too… have you tried the halal version of sakae sushi? it’s called hei sushi at is at downtown east. and i think for sushi and chawanmushi, it’s cheaper here than at ramen ten.

  2. Hisyam

    Ok! 😛


    Downtown East? Waduh … but I’m a Jurong Girl … and yet for good food, I will travel for it … hahahah!




    And it is even better in the tummy 😀

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