Guess what day it is today?

Rinaz and Cart Toon carrying a birthday cakeIts interesting that years back, I would have been dreading for this day, but as time passed, I’ve actually gotten accepting of the fact.

For some reason, there is always a stigma especially for Asian women to be labelled as ‘off the shelf’ and ‘unmarriagable’ when they reach this age.

But reflecting back, I feel more accepting of myself nowadays. I feel more beautiful, more confident, more healthy now as compared to just a few years before! And I feel blessed for the people whom I have met and love. Actually, I don’t think I’d want to go back to the awkward phase of a teenager again!

Nimmo by Rinaz

Even with some unpleasant encounters throughout my life, its just part and parcel that is a learning experience for me.

Morrie Schwartz once said, “There is nothing to be envious of the young ones. We’ve already done that. We’ve so much to look forward to”

And I think that I’ve so much to look forward to. Happy birthday, me 🙂

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  1. Even though I am a day early, my time, Happy Birthday. I have been following your blog. What an amazing journey you have had. I hope you continue.

  2. Thank you so much everyone 🙂

    Uzyn, Paced, Kevin, Moby, Paws, Darran, Xinyun, Mintea, Jurlique, Nadnut, Mlmaestro, Storm, Brennan, Malique, Ophelia, Prin, Sesame, Shane, Suraya, everyone who wished me in plurk and in facebook.

    THANK YOU! 😀

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