Rinaz and Cart in the Sunday Times :)

About two weeks ago, I was quite surprised to check my statcounter to find out that someone from the local newspaper surfing through my site. Soon-after, I received an email from a Ms Sandra Davie for a face to face interview.

I wasn’t sure if I should meet her because sometimes some journalists tend to skew the article to fit their own point of view. But in the end, I thought to myself, why not? And last Wednesday, I made an appointment with her at Geek Terminal and met her for the first time.

Rinaz and Sandra Davie

And I was so glad to find out that she was very nice. It was a casual and relaxed interview that before we knew it, two hours had passed by.

And this is what materialised out of the interview :

Rinaz and Cart in the Sunday Times


Its interesting to note that the article is very romanticised to the point of mushyness. And I’m not 31! She made me older than I actually am. Eeek!

Regardless, I’m totally going to laminate this. I wonder how my family and friends would think 🙂

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Updated : It was really funny to see Mum’s reaction at her first view of the article. The next day at work, a number of colleagues and even the heads were asking about the article. One student even came up to me and told me that the article was being passed around during assembly period. Oh my! 😛

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  1. Ah! So you’re the one Sandra interviewed! So sweet! Now then I know of the story of you and him. Very romantic indeed! Will I be invited to the wedding too? =P

  2. Great love story!! Sandra called me 2 weeks back and I referred her to you instead. Glad to see it turned out well, apart from the misquoted age, hehehe.

    BTW, her last name is Davie, not Davis 😉

  3. rinaz!! it’s really YOU!!

    i looked at the article over and over again to certify it was really you! btw, i never knew- how come you never brought this up at ping.sg gatherings??

    i’m soooo happy for you *hugs*

  4. Romantic and nice story which has a touch of reality infused into it. Great that cart cart and yourself were featured, and I like how she painted the fact about how you guys were even more attracted to each other in real life sans the physical embellishments of Second Life characters! Cool….

  5. Paddy Tan

    Aww … quite mushy for me actually … hehehe


    Of course, lets make this into a ping.sg outing 😉 Hehehe

    Henry Leong

    I think many of Italians are romantic too 🙂

    Daphne Maia

    You dont think that its mushy?


    You’ve got to hand it to Sandra, she really made it into a work of literature!


    Hahaha, the online copy of it is available under related links! 🙂


    Thanks for that, Abu Kris 😉


    Huh? How do you know about Sandra interviewing? But of course, you are invited, ping outing 😉 Hehehehe!


    Thanks! 🙂

    Vanessa Tan

    Why, thank you for the heads up 🙂 And I’ll change the error soon!


    Thank you 🙂 *hugs*


    I’d rather talk about you when we meet 🙂

    Anyway, all the stories about cart and me are documented in this blog sidebar under the ‘classics’ section for people to read when they are free … hehehe

    But thank you 🙂 *hugs back*


    HAHA! I know which part! But yes, its a nice feature, pretty … cool even 😀


    Not famous 🙂 You’ll see, after a week no one will remember 😛


    Thanks 🙂 I think every person who are involved in a long distance relationship, are having it though themselves. It isnt easy, but if they can make it to the end, the results would be wonderful 🙂


    What a perception, hahaha! I didnt even had the same thoughts about that 🙂

    But I also read the ‘Love Lost’ part and that was really sad …


    I dont think I am brave … rather that it was something that I had to do or eternally think of the what if’s situation *hugs*


    Awww … Its very mushy!!!


    Come December it is 3.0 😉 Hehehehe!!!


    You’ve got to give it to Sandra, she really did write a literature wothy article 🙂


    Its available online though, under ‘related links’ 🙂 But the physical paper is nicer to read .. hehehe

  6. Ahhh…congrats on your 1st media interview. Yes, do laminate the article for keepsake. I still keep my first 1st media interview from 10yrs back and looking forward to the latest one that’s going to be in SG Women’s Weekly in July.

  7. Trish

    Cool! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the women’s weekly in July! 😀


    Hahahaha! Really? And then you read the article and then it confirmed everything .. hehehe


    Our solemnisation will be on the 18th but the wedding ceremony would be on a Sunday. I do hope that you can make it then 🙂

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