If you want to have a BF or GF, get an EEE PC

Its been about a month now that I’ve been using the eee pc. So far, it has been pretty good. It is really handy to have especially while waiting in public. Just yesterday, while waiting for my turn at the customer service, I was so engrossed that I missed my turn!

Using skype with webcam on eee pc
Using Skype with webcam on the eee pc

I’m definitely getting used to it. There is a couple of neat programs that I enjoyed using. In fact, I could touch type with no problems now. The interesting bit is that when I use regular laptops, sometimes the keys seems unfamiliarly large!

Using Gimp on eee pc on easy mode

It took a lot of hair pulling, but finally I could install Gimp

However, one of the downside is that, once the novelty has worn out, my insatiable mind started to get frustrated at the extreme difficulty in trying to do the simplest things like changing the wallpaper and installing programs in easy mode.

New wallpaper on the eee pc

Nevertheless, it’s kind of amazing the responses that I had while using it in public. Many of the people who sees it would be exhilarated by it.

Like some of these people here 😀

An engrossed Attilio on the eee pc

An engrossed Attilio on the eee pc

A happy Claud on the eee pc

A happy Claudia on the eee pc

DK promoting the eee pc

DK promoting the eee pc

Farinelli holding the eee pc proudly while NTT looks in jealously

Farinelli holding the eee pc proudly while NTT looks in jealously

CC and Mintea looking good next to the eee pc

CC and Mintea looking good next to the eee pc

Nadnut the eee pc

Nadnut with the eee pc

It even attracted the attention of a stranger while I was blissfully engrossed between sips of coffee and surfing the net. My womanly instincts noticed someone peering over my way.

It was a man. He was using a subnotebook too – a Kohjinsha. Instantaneously we bonded and spent time postulating about the merits of subnotebooks.

Kohjinsha and Eee pc

His Kohjinsha and my Eee pc look like siblings!

Moral of the story : Everyone should get a subnotebook because owning one immediately makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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Disclaimer : I don’t work for Asus 😛

14 Replies to “If you want to have a BF or GF, get an EEE PC”

  1. today at church, i saw the guy managing the projection system having one beside the regular notebook that is used for the system. i saw it, and I want one too!

    i played around with it and its quite fast! it’s much smaller than the Macbook Air my colleague bought! hmmm i am so tempted to get one!

  2. Oh, I’ve seen one at Carrefour the other day. Didn’t know it was called a subnotebook. It was a PackardBell. The price is very attractive too. I’m thinking of getting one definitely. So slim, light and handy. Totally attractive features for ladies! Hehe. The touch pad is a bit weird though. It’s at the top right hand corner..

  3. Miccheng

    (defends herself)

    Partly not my fault! The Starhub Customer service has this system of separating their numbers into two. I was focusing on the one on right so I didnt see my queue number!

    I only saw from the corner of my eye, the reflection of my number on the glass and the constant beeping. And I rushed over. By then some other guy already swooped in.



    At about $600, its affordable enough to get without feeling regretful – hehehehe

    It might not be as powerful as the macbook air, but it does basic jobs beautifully 🙂


    You have one too? Cool! You are teh sexeh! 😀

    (even if its used in the toilet … hehehehe)


    Trust me, after about a week, you’ll get used to the keypad and after which, you’ll find regular laptop keys unfamiliarly huge 🙂


    I’ve never seen the packardbell subnotebook. But if you’re getting one, you’re going to be even more sexeh than before 😉 Hehehe

    You might want to get a mini wireless mouse if you dont fancy the touch pad as a solution 🙂

  4. Wow! Makes me long after that UMPC even more than ever before! OK I must make an attempt to buy one either at IT Show or elsewhere. I was waiting for the slightly bigger version to come out though but see how it goes…

  5. John

    Its 7″ and it runs on a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It may be small but its competent enough. Its the scrolling bit which can be a tad annoying though.

    Its been said that the newer generation will be bigger with 9″ screen


    But its available in more and more places now, even carefour sells them … hehehehe.

    But you might want to wait for the new generation to come, with better specs 🙂 It wont be at the same price though :

  6. Krysss

    The new eee pc was such hot news yesterday all over. Some of the improvements is a bigger screen, better webcam, more memory and higher storage. But at the same time, it also retails at a higher price.

    But the higher price (approximately S$800) it makes it less attractive. It was the pricetag which made the first generation eee pc extremely popular here.

    At that price, it would be better to get a Kohjinsha 😛

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