Getting high at Max Brenner and meeting Olivia Ong at the Esplanade

I had a big craving for chocolate and I hauled my sis and together, we over to the Esplanade for a dose of Max Brenner goodness. I was joined with the lovely Mintea and her sister.

Enthusiastically, we ordered a number of items from the menu :

Fudge Cake at Max Brenner

Milk Chocolat at Max Brenner

Chocolate Fondue at Max Brenner

It was all good, but we did not feel the high yet and we ordered more! 😀

Italian Thick Chocolat

Mintea had the Italian thick chocolat served in a hug mug. There were no handles, so the drinker would have to wrap their hands and hug the utensil to drink it. Doesn’t the colours of the chocolate look absolutely beautiful? I think I’ll get this the next time I visit 🙂

Dark Chocolate Suckao

And this is my Dark Chocolate Suckao. The utensils were clear cut enough, I poured the milk in, and then stirred the chocolate buttons in to melt it. But for a few moments I was clueless at how to eat the chocolate.

Upon close examination, I saw that there was a hole in the spoon which doubles up as a straw. Henceforth, the reason why it was called, Suckao!

And that was when the high kicked in and that we finally got our euphoria from the heavenly chocolate. It was really really good. Pure happiness slipped down my throat and radiated through my body.

And we all just sat there for a full 10 minutes, grinning at each other, being all happy and contented.

After our chocolate trip, we said our goodbyes, sis and I headed up to the esplanade library. I think that this could easily be one of the most beautiful library in Singapore.

Library @ Esplanade by night86mare
Photo credit by Night86mare

It was a lovely place to hide away in the tranquillity, by the beautiful sea. By then, Cartcart was already online and I walked around the library surreptitiously with the eee pc opened facing outwards and Skype webcam on to show Cart the surroundings.

And that was when I heard the most beautiful voice emanating from the library cafe and was instantly drawn to it.

She sounds so beautiful.

I found out later that that she is Olivia Ong, a 23 year old Singaporean singer who went to Japan to further her career as a singer.

She was here for the annual Mosaic Music Festival which featured artists from all over the world and all sorts of genres. There were so many exciting line-ups. I love it! I want to go!

Shamelessly, I asked for a picture with her :

Olivia Ong at Esplanade

And smilingly, she said yes, and she hugged me! Olivia Ong hugged me! My euphoric feeling went up another notch 🙂

After the encounter, sis and I headed towards the car-park where we encountered an acapella group singing and they sounded really good.

And I started dancing :

Rinaz Dance

What an awesomely spectacular day 🙂

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10 Replies to “Getting high at Max Brenner and meeting Olivia Ong at the Esplanade”

  1. oh gosh, i want me a slice of that choco heaven too! *drool*

    olivia ong is chio man. and i totally forgot abt mosaic music festival, argh! 😛

  2. Malique

    *dances* 😛


    Ok, so when are we going to have a chocolate outing?! I want moar!

    Yes, Olivia Ong so pretty (and so annoyingly slim) – I would have liked to catch the Mosaic Music Festival. But I missed it and the WOMAD festival wont be coming in for two years!


  3. Hi Rinaz,
    I guess one would need to listen to her sing to fully justify how mesmerizing her voice really is. About a year ago, while browsing an IT store with my wife, they were playing her songs over the speakers. I immediately feel in love with the soothing, warm, calming, crisp, and melodious voice. I can’t help but to approach the salesperson to ask which artist whom they were playing.
    The rest is history.
    Its so relaxing and such a stress reliever just by listening to her sing. You are really lucky to have had the opportunity to have a photo taken with her.

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