Cart in SG : Of first lessons and I am legend

Monday, 24th December

After confirming our appointment with the ustadz the previous day, Mum, Cart and me headed to Darul Arqam in the early morning to attend his first Islamic lessons.

At Darul Arqam

We were introduced to a Haji Mustafa, a retiree who decided to spend part of his time teaching in the center.

It was interesting for me to observe the man. Even though he was in his golden years, he was very fit and active. Full of vigor, he started describing the session coverage and then began the introductionary lessons.

rinaz and mum at a coffee shop in Geylang, Singapore

After the session, we decided to have lunch at the nearby coffee shop and we looked around to see what Cartcart could eat. Cart has made up his decision to become a vegetarian for a number of years and I tried my best to be careful and had to make sure that the food ordered for him has completely no tract of meat in it.

Especially after last year when we patronised a restaurant where there seemed to be a miscommunication and we found out that the food contained meat. I felt really bad as Cartcart had accidentally taken a bite because of my negligence.

Finally we saw an Indian stall which was selling vegetarian meals and Cartcart had a nice plate of Masala Dosai.

Little girl playing at fountain in Bugis Junction, Singapore
Photo credit roboppy

As mum had a prior engagement that day, she left us to our own devices after lunch time and I brought Cartcart to sight see a little 🙂

Little girl playing at fountain in Bugis Junction, Singapore

We stopped by Bugis where there were already large amount of people congregating around the Christmas decorations and a number of children playing around the fountains.

The movie I am legend was premièring. Having already read the book by Richard Matheson, Cart was very keen to watch the movie. So we headed to Shaw Towers where we caught the afternoon show.

Will Smith in I am legend

Unfortunately for me, being not up to date with movie trends, I didn’t realise that the movie had some horror segments till we were in the middle of the movie.

I pulled Cartcart’s sleeve when Will Smith’s character entered a dark building and stumbled upon some creatures. For the rest of the movie, I was wide eyed, sunk in my seat

It was an exciting movie, and I thought that Will Smith did a fine job of connecting the viewers to his character. But without giving too much spoilers away, I was left unsatisfied with the ending of the movie. It was just too Hollywood-ised for my taste.

Later on Cart explained to me that in the book, there were a number of survivors whom did not get completely infected but physically looks the same as a vampire. These survivors formed their own society.

I am legend, Richard Matheson

Unfortunately for them, the protagonist, Robert Neville was not able to differentiate between the survivors and the vampires and kills them both, making the survivors live in fear of him, comparing him to a mythical character, hence the title, “I am legend”.

And at that point, I thought to myself at how interesting it was to actually watch a movie told in the point of view of the zombies / vampires. And I could not help but to carry on discussing about the movie with Cartcart.

How refreshing it is to have someone to banter about movies with!

(To be continued)

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  1. 01/14/2008

    Yes I am planning to see it to! I like Will Smith’s movies!

    Have you seen MEN IN BLACK?

    My wife teaches Spanish to his boy! The boy was in his last movie playing his son!

    I hope when you move to Italy you will keep on blogging!

    You do deserve the ‘BEST OF’ award you received!


  2. Hi Gary 🙂

    Yes, I’ve seen Men in Black, that was a really funny movie 🙂 I think that he is an amazing actor, with the movies that he acted in.

    Your wife teaches spanish to his boy? That sounds exciting, to know a celebrity 🙂 I think he was in the movie called Pursuit of happyness.

    And I hope that I do blog too when I’m in Italy … hehehe. It would feel very different if I didnt! I was so addicted that I was compelled to get on the internet every single day while I was on vacation last year! 😛

    And thank you for reading all these while, Gary 🙂

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