A fun filled Ping.sg Tshirt launch at Essential Brew

Another lovely evening with the pingsters!

Ping.sg, the blog community that I am a member of, launched their official T-Shirt, graced by about 50 ping members at Essential Brew last monday night.

It was cold and drizzling on my way to Holland Village due to the monsoon season that we are having here in Singapore. I had no problems getting here as I’ve already been to Essential Brew before. Due to my weekly yoga session, I arrived about an hour after the start of the event.

When I went up the stairs, I could already hear the extremely lively chatter and cheering. Momentarily I was a little stunned from the camera flash as well as the amount of people there. It was a large gathering indeed!

One of the first persons that I saw there was Princessa who was standing in front of me to greet me, as well as Nadia who was ever ready to point her camera to shoot. I went off to have a seat with Nadia and Edroos, whom I met for the first time.

Ping T Shirt Event

Edroos, Nadia and Uzyn

By the way, Edroos was the winner for the Ping.sg tshirt design contest. Dont the tshirt look great? Congratulations Ed!

Soonafter, the organizers were in the middle of the lucky draw presentation. I moved to the centre to take a quick video of the winners. As I was late, quickly I confirmed with Daphne, who was one of the organizers, if my name was in the lucky draw box and she handed me a 2 of spades card. Huh? What was I supposed to do with this?

But no sooner as I held the card, I heard EbieΒ call out, “The two of spades!” I was completely floored. Oh that’s me? I won? Wow! Awesome!

Ping T Shirt Event

I just grinned from ear to ear. This was similar to the situation with Daphne and me at the Phillips lucky draw. I won a VIP membership to Essential Brew! If you’re going there, bring me too, I can give you discounts πŸ˜‰ Hehehehe

I’d like to bring Cartcart when he comes here in about a week’s time, especially for the wonderful desserts which I completely adore. Especially the Ice Cream Bombe, which is sadly taken off the menu due to the lack of hazelnut ice cream. Ebie says that he’s still thinking of what ice cream he should use as replacement.

Here’s a video of us devouring the ice cream bombe in our last visit.

Ping T Shirt Event

Ah Wei surrounded by loads of hot girls!

Later on, Uzyn pulled out a couple of members to introduce themselves. I saw a number of new faces like Mkpadnama, Ahwei, MissCel, as well as a few that I’ve always wanted to meet like Felixker and Simplyjean.

There were definitely loads of eye candy to be seen. It’s just too bad for the people who didn’t come πŸ˜›

The two sisters Seklian and Sekling are hot!

Pinklittlefigure is hot!

Princessa and Derek are hot!

Who ever said that bloggers arent attractive people?Β πŸ™‚

Ping T Shirt Event

I tucked in to have my dinner of Macha Catch. It tasted so good to a famished woman. But I should have savoured it slower so that I could detect the green tea crush in my dory fish. I was just too greedy. But I did enjoy it enough to taste the sweetness of the honey sauce with the yummy grilled fish.

I was just about to drink my lemon tea when Adam corralled us up for a group photo and the photo taking session continued till the end of the event. What can I say? It’s typical for a Singaporean bloggers outing to be filled with photo taking sessions.

Chillicraps and Sylvdoanx fights using plastic hammer after their first battle during the Ping anniversary in July.

The lovely Simplyjean and Miccheng being an extra in the background

What a spectacularly lovely evening. Thank you organizers! I met loads of nice people and had a most enjoyable time. I’m sure that the others did too πŸ™‚

Here is a short video montage of the event :

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Sidenote : Wish that I could talk to everyone, I missed out meeting a number of people!

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  1. Nadnut

    Awww … boo to lessons too! But come the next time ok! πŸ™‚


    Thank YOU for the spectacular photos! I love them! Even the candid ones πŸ˜›


    Emailed! πŸ™‚


    Its not censored, its just speeded up πŸ˜›


    Wished you had come, it would be so great to have you with us and contribute to the hot list πŸ˜› Hehehehe

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