Comiqs – Singaporean made Comic strip program

Updated : Comiqs is no longer available, but why not give Bitstrips and Pixton a try?

If you like comic life, you will love comiqs logo

During the tshirt launch, I had the fortune of meeting Jarius and Michael. They did a demo of which I was quite excited about.

Having played with Comic life in the middle of the year, I saw the similarities between these two programs. Using very little time, users are able to create comics like these :

Comic life

But the additional nice feature about comiqs is that everything is done completely online, has a high resolution of 400 which is wonderful for printing, has multi-pages and multi-panels, can be embedded directly to blogs, integrates with online galleries like flickr and is completely free.

Jarius also tells me that Comiqs is being supported by The Singapore MDA, so you know it’s good. Unfortunately, Comiqs is currently in closed beta, but do sign up for an invitation for their beta and hope that these awesome guys starts their open beta soon 🙂

Watch a short clip of us playing with Comiqs

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  1. Hi there!

    No worrys, there will definitely be more events coming up then we can see each other! ;D

    btw, vimeo really looks clearer than youtube but it seems like very small .. will there be a way to edit the size? Like perhaps change the html code?


  2. Hi Jeslyn,

    Looking forward to meeting you in the next ping outing 🙂

    Yes, you can definitely edit the size, on the video that you want to edit, you click on embed, and then a new window will appear. From there, you can edit the height and immediately the width will resize itself and vice versa.

    Then you can preview it 🙂

    Cool right?! 😀

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