Breakfast at Curduroy Cafe with Phillips

Philips Blogger Event

I was invited by Sabrina to a bloggers gathering recently hosted by Philips who were doing a presentation on their Ambilight and Ambisound Experience.

It was hosted in Curduroy Cafe which I thought was a charming looking place overlooking the sea. Despite some of the reviews I’ve read online, the service Curduroy Cafe was lovely. They were quick to whip up a vegetarian meal for me when they found out that I couldn’t eat the meat products there.

It’s always nice to meet new friends and some of the bloggers I met were actually rather nice. I am amazed that Jayden and I hit it off quite well 🙂

I had a lot of fun playing with the demo products. The Ambilight and Ambisound was really cool. I’d get one if I have the moolah. Wished that we had more time to play with them though as I was still fiddling around with the controls when they were announcing the last event.

Here is a short clip of the event :

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