Goodbyes are never easy

Last tuesday was the graduation ceremony for the graduating batch of students at the school I am working at.

As they went up the stage and said their goodbyes, my heart ached a little. These was the batch of kids whom I first encountered when I arrived here. Slowly one feels an attachment to them and now it was time for them to leave the nest.

Its always easy to take things that you are used to, and take it for granted, benignly believing that things will always stay that way.

And I start to wonder if this was a fraction of the feelings that mum is feeling, knowing that I too, will one day leave the nest.

Its not easy to let go. But life goes on.

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  1. well, life goes on…
    as long as they grow up and remember you, like you’d remember them, you guys are never that far apart.

    you’ll still get to meet them, not as often but at least during outings and online πŸ™‚ look on the bright side, you’ll have another batch of kids coming in and it’ll be a different experience.

  2. hey.. you are right.. haha Life have to go on.. haha.. anyway try to take easy going.. as what i mean is if the batch of kid are leaving in shuqun sec, just take as, we can meet some other day.. Erm.. oh you can still exchange your contact to them and arrange the date for outing or etc.. haha dont be sad.. I know how you feel.. but I also like soft hearted to leave shuqun sec and i miss everyone especially you.. haha.. anyway i told myself that life have to go on.. so try to take it easy.. and think that Life to go on… dont think that life cannot go on.. haha..

  3. Hisyam

    Everybody leaves me πŸ™



    Thats true, but the reality is, usually after school, people and friends usually drift away because they dont have any thing to glue them back together again. Only maybe 3 percent will stick in the relationship :S

    I call this theory, the relationship decay

    *hugs the cute pink bunny*


    Why thank you! πŸ™‚ And thank you for dropping in my humble bloggariffic πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Rinaz,
    I totally empathise with you. That was the exact feeling I had when I conducted Stress Management Workshops at a Secondary School for N, O’Level students not too long ago. At the end of the whole workshop, I was sure reluctant to bid goodbye after having built the rapport with them. =(
    But like you mentioned, life has to go on. =) And it’s time to look forward to nuturing and building a new r/ship with a new batch of students in the coming year ahead. =)

  5. hey.. no want leaving you… how about other people, beside us.. u have sec 1,2,3 to be with you.. anyway i also sad la.. but i tahan myself not letting me cry, sad or what.. It will effect your health.. anyway you take a good care of yourself ok.. I will be coming shuqun when I’m free ok.. anyway where is my present??? for helping you.. hahaha.. kidding haha… anyway i end here ok bye =)..

    Before I go erm please do read my blog ok..I will update more important and i’ll try my best to update picture ok… bye =)

  6. Hey Rinaz! Well, I think it’s def not only you who are sad during graduation.. thinking back, as students, we feel sad too esp when the bond had been built up through thick and thin as a class… and I agree like what you say about the relationship decay theory.. m guilty of that too =(

    But as you say, life has to go on… even if you wanna stay on the same spot, life will still pushes forward… it’s only when people start to part do people start to value their relationship with each other.. sad.. but that’s how people works…

  7. Rinaz..for every beginning..there is an end….
    and like it or’s when they look up at you one day..on the street thanking you, is when you feel…you did your job proper.

    I know I had my doses ..time and again…and even when I taught at a london Univ… that sense of feeling after the last exams…. hurt me…for I have completed my task.

    It’s never easy.

    Best regards
    azrin @

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