The TAA Charity Ride 2007

As expected, the TAA Charity Ride was fun! It is always exciting for me to ride together in a convoy along with the other two-wheelers. Its a pity that the convoy was much too short though.

The Biker Aid Charity Ride 2007

I was worried that I was unable to get to the Kallang carpark, which was the designated meet point for all the bikers. I had a tendency to get lost on the road and was still unable to read maps. Luckily for me, while riding on the expressway, I met up with a huge group of bikers whom I assumed were on their way to the carpark. It was so cool to see them and I felt proud to ride with them.

Eventually, I reached the Kallang carpark and was marshalled to a group of riders.

Marshall 1 : You can ride with the gilera group there (points)

Me : But I’m not riding a gilera!ย 

Marshall 2 : Oh a Vespa, your group is at the other side.

Me : Thanks guys!

I knew I was with the right group when saw a large procession of Vespas – both classic and modern. I finally met up with the rest of the vesporeans who were present, Moon_star, Kahwoon, Natsume, Mengster and Un-Sith whom was representing the group.

I admired the multitude of colours and varieties of two wheelers. There were so many types – Harley Davidsons, Scramblers, Hayabusas, Ducatis and many others. There was a festive purring of engines everywhere.

The Biker Aid Charity Ride 2007

At length, we got on our scooters and lined up to start the convoy. I turned behind and saw a fascinating looking man with a long white beard on top of a Harley.

As we rode in our convoy, I noticed the excited looking pedestrians as they pointed animatedly at our convoy as well as the awed looks of the car drivers. It was so funny to see that I couldnt help but to chuckle. There was a road marshall who rode beside us to ensure safety.

Shortly after, we reached our destination and drove in the compounds of the Malay Heritage Center.

The Biker Aid Charity Ride 2007

We parked around the quickly filled compound and went to explore the centre as well as Muscat street outside. The area was lined with food bazaars selling all sorts of delicacies.

Muscat Street - Singapore

The gang chanced upon a pink drink and were curious to know what the black seeds at the bottom where. Mengster explained that it was Bandung Selasih, a rose syrup drink with milk with sweet basil seeds. It was refreshing and crunchy andย wonderful to have in the hot weather.

A bandung drink with selasih

And a hot weather it was! It exacerbated my thirst and I longed for a glass of bandung. We were supposed to wait till 5.30 pm for the charity presentation, but with over 2 hours to kill, I persuaded the gang to enter the museum as it was cooler and was much more entertaining than doing nothing.

Malay Heritage Center - Singapore

Entry to the Heritage Center for the charity riders was a dollar and four for normal days. I revisited back my roots and marvelled about the fascinating history and artifacts. Modernisation has made it impractical to use now, but these items are so intricate and beautiful – proof of our naturally artisan traits. I nearly forgotten about items like these :

A malay kris and a labu

I’ve always liked looking at the display and the old photographs. I liked to imagine myself in the picture and transport myself to what the people in the picture were thinking and feeling.

Upstairs, I saw a tribute to some of the noted malays whom have contributed to arts like Zubir Said who composed the Singapore national anthemn as well as P. Ramlee who was arguably the most talented and versatile man whom had sucess as a scriptwriter, composer, singer, filmaker, actor, comedian.

We have such a rich heritage. Even as a Malay, I was fascinated and enlightened by what I saw.

Malay Heritage Center - Singapore

I took my time looking at the display and at length and stepped out of the building to see that there was a lively crowd outside filled with visitors. Festive music was played and a host in a Malay costume was emceeing.

I didn’t stay for too long aftwards as I felt rather lethargic after the days activities, but to what I last heard, the TAA has raised about 34k which is not a bad sum ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a clip of the day’s activities.


And big thanks to our Goldwing friends for marshalling!

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  1. Hahaha, definitely. I like the purring of the engines. Its only when the owners changes the pipes to make it even louder, its an annoyance :S

    Cant stand those types

  2. Daphne

    Of course I’ll take you when I meet the hot biker dudes ๐Ÿ˜› Hahahaha!! We’ll go people watching definitely ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Funny thing is that we called them tadpole eggs too, you gotta admit that it looks like one … ๐Ÿ˜› But in malay its selasih ๐Ÿ™‚


    Whoops! Of course a big thanks to the GOLDWINGERS! For marshalling us! Gosh! How can I forget that out!

    And thanks for the pictures and the video! ๐Ÿ™‚ I noticed the videographer Rajeh taking a shot of the bikes at Kallang Carpark ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hello rina, i sent you an email through your contact form. please check and im looking forward to hear from you! this kallang race, my bro and all his friends always participate.

  4. Hey hey… long time no see Rina! Wah.. saw those food pic in ur blog.. make me crave for sg food! argh…

    and when I saw so much motors together, u know what it reminds me? reminds me of the causeway jam in the morning/evening, with motors whizzing in and out of the traffic! LOL..

  5. Looks like great fun! As you know, I was a scooter rider before too, with a red skipper as my trusty steed for a couple of years (pre-car). It must be fun to visit all those places. Great to know that you went to the Malay Heritage Centre too! That’s one of my projects… well going to be….

  6. Kev

    Wont be too long when you will be back in Singapore to enjoy wonderful foods like Ramlee burger, Keropok lekor, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam, Murtabak, Tosai, Yong Tau Foo and others … Heheheh!

    Oooh … I cannot imagine the causeway jam! Its already scary enough to look, much less experience it!


    I think riding in a convoy is one of the most exhilirating experience ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy it very much.

    The malay heritage center? What project is that? I’m curious to know.

  7. hi!Rina i need yr assistant regarding the latest Charity ride2007.Kindly call me at 90595292.tks



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