My browser keeps freezing up!

Am having problems with my browsers lately.

Nowadays, when I open a site with embedded streaming videos like youtube and dailymotion, it tends to freeze up till I have to kill the program manually and restart it again.

Just yesterday, I had to restart it like 5 times in a span of one hour. It was so aggravating!

rinaz is angry!

Grrr!!! I am angry!!! I want to beat you up!!!

Xizor was really sweet to help me and suggested that I update my flash and shockwave plugins. But I still have the same issues. Gosh! Perhaps its time for my bi-annual computer reformat.

But in the meanwhile, I’m trying out maxthon, a browser that Daphne prefers and recommends. What she likes the best about it is that it has a drag and drop link function.

So far, I dont have the same issues when I open multiple flash video sites. But I’ll wait for a couple of days and see if I still encounter the same hanging issues.

Do you have issues with your browser when you open youtube or firefox before? What did you do to remedy it?

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  1. i used to be unable to use blogspot when i was with IE, then i switched over to firefox. Then now that I’m with firefox, some java it can’t load.

    I just dunno what’s wrong with all the browsers.

  2. Firefox takes too much resources, especially when it comes to video content. Personally, I would add more RAM. But the easier alternative would be to use Flock Not sure how it fare when compared with maxthon though.

    You could also try running Advanced WindowCare 2 Personal from My notebook seems to run like a fresh install after running that program.

  3. I would suggest to you to do what Paddy has replied to ur twitter.

    I don’t have any problems with my browser, which happened to be Firefox as well. 🙂

  4. I just went through this a few days ago! I have Firefox, and I’ve only noticed problems since I upgraded around the end of July. Anyway, I did a few things–clearing the cache and personal history was one. The other thing I did, which I think has been a *huge* help has been to the install the NoScript and Flashblock add-ons. You can manually select when you want to allow scripts and flash, and I haven’t had problems since 🙂

  5. Nicole

    But have you tried opening multiple youtube tabs at once? Every time I do that, it keeps freezing up. I like to open multiple tabs and let it load so I can watch it later 🙂

    Nevertheless, I’ll do what Paddy has suggested. Its just that I’m curious that this only happened when I updated firefox 😛 Hehehe


    All browsers has their own strenghts and all browsers has their own weaknesses I guess. Some people would recommend using all sorts of browsers. I’ve tried a number of them – IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Mosaic, Avant, Crazybrowser, Ghostzilla, … :


    Yeah, could do that – kill the program and restart it again. But imagine doing that for at least 5 times in less than an hour. Its very troublesome. Need to fix the problem rather than use temporary solutions. Correct or not? 🙂


    I have 1gb ram at the moment. I would like to have more ram, 2gb would be great!

    Your links Flock and Iobit looks interesting. Might give those two a try 🙂 Thanks!


    Cool! NoScript and Flashblock add-ons! That might work! I’ll have to give that a try!

    Yes, I only got this problem recently – firefox has been nagging me to upgrade, which I did. And to have these problems 😛


    Old already 😛 Hehehe


    Maybe firefox will fix it with the next update 🙂 It cannot be that I have not enough RAM. I think 1gb Ram is decent. (Although I would love to have more)


    Oh, no wonder I cannot do some of the functions. You’re supposed to be able to do screen shots in the version 2. That tends to hang and freeze my browser too.

  6. for those of you who want to try maxthon, i do not recommend trying v2.0 cos its still a little buggy as of now.. i think its still beta?

    hope u all enjoy using this browser, n learn how to customize it according to what u need (that’s amazing too 🙂 )

  7. It want you to get rid of all the junk and pirated stuff you installed and downloaded ah….and thus let u show to pple how yr face is when U are in the loo….

    Thee hee hee….

    on the lighter side… if you use a laptop, it does that after a few mths…so a reinstall and reformat is needed~

    best regards

    Azrin @
    Arc De Triumphe , Paris.

  8. If you’re running XP…right click on my computer>Adance tab>performace setting>advance tab> virtual memory> change this to Windows manage or increase to larger size to accomodate when physical memory is full. This is much slower because it ocuppied your hard disk space as temporary memory. It may help but I would recomemend to install more physical memory, since now a day it very affordable price. I would recommend system around 4GB memory if possible.

  9. erm, I was having issues with bebo making my browser freeze up. I never had the latest Java runtime. Guess what, my photo uploads are working now….get the latest Java!!!

    Fixed my browser problems, it may work for you as well. 😀

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