Murtabak dinner at zamzam

I was awarded the slackiest latecomer award. In my defence for being the last to arrive, it was an extremely rainy day and I didn’t want to risk having an accident on the road.

But I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet new faces like Snowbiscuits, Nannywen, Shey, Yuhui and others as by the time I reached there, everyone was leaving the cafe already!

The remaining pingsters then ajourned to have dinner at Zamzam which I think serves one of the best murtabaks around. Whenever I go to Kampung Glam, I’d usually buy a packet or two of these delightful meat stuffed dough cooked over a flat pan.

Murtabak is yum!

Truly delightful! It’s a must get if you’re nearby. Here’s a quick video of us enjoying our dinner 🙂


9 Replies to “ Murtabak dinner at zamzam”

  1. Chicky

    Why? I think you look pretty 🙂

    Nana Jr

    Spring chicken is yummier 😛


    True, but you guys dont have to ride scooters 😛


    I know! Evil! Evil!

  2. Yanni

    The murtabak is really nice there. Have you been? When my mum and I go around the area, usually to buy material for clothes, we’d stop there to buy a pack or two of murtabak. Its really yummy!

    When we were having dinner then, it was even nicer as it was nice and thick and crispy. Mmmm!


    Sungguh sedap! Sungguh seronok! Sungguh menyelerakan! 😀 Sudahkah ANDA makan di zamzam?

    Tujulah ke zamzam HARI INI JUGA! 😀

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