The Vespa Club roadtrip to Malacca

My trip to Malacca was fantastic! Yesterday was the first time that I was riding out of Singapore and it was such a memorable experience, I would love for to do it again!

Welcome to Malacca

The Vespa Club, an enthusiast group which I joined last year organized an outing to Malacca last Sunday. As I’ve always wanted to experience riding overseas, I jumped at the chance. Malaysia was a great place to start because of its vast natural terrain, picturesque sights as well as wonderful food along the way.

As I slept at about 3 am the previous night, I woke up groggy when the alarm clock rang at 5.30 am. I was supposed to meet the gang at 6.30 am and was still deciding whether to go or no. At length I dragged myself out of bed and stuffed my passport and other necessary items and had a quick shower.

I reached the Jurong Bird park which was the designated meet-up point and saw that the others were there already. I was late! I tried to bribe everyone with the chocolates that I bought from the chocolate factory last Friday.

Kennyatemyburger and Moon_star peeking

Moon_star, who’s in the pink scooter, lead us to the Tuas second link immigration check point where we had our passports checked and paid S$0.60 using our cash card for our scooters to cross over. It was another RM$1.30 for the Malaysian vehicle toll later.

After the check, I took in the beautiful sights as we crossed the bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia. It was gorgeous to see the rising sun coming out from the sea and into the blue skies. At times like these, I wished I had a helmet camera. I would love to show you the lovely sights I saw while on the road.

We stopped by Gelang Patah to meet up with the rest of the gang and have our breakfast together. In Malay, Gelang Patah translates to Broken Bracelet. I quickly exchanged my Singapore money to Malaysian money (1 SGD = 2.20 RM) and then I had Nasi Lemak and Teh Halia.

Roadster briefing after breakfast

After our breakfast, Roadster, who will be leading the group later on, briefed to us about the road that we will be travelling as well as cautioned us that because the travel would be long and monotonous, it is important for us to try to keep ourselves awake and entertained.

But first, we pumped petrol at the petronas petrol kiosk that was nearby. There is no Premium, 98 or 95 (and other different types of petrol). Here there were only two choices of oil. Petrol or diesel.

Its’ very different here. You’d have to pay in advance and the meter will not reset till the person has paid for his fuel at the counter. So if the person takes his time, or worse, drive away without paying, the next person will have to wait a very long time. After a while, the meter reset and I filled my tank. I paid about ten ringgit for the fill.

And then we started our journey. It was a very long ride. I kept myself entertained by listening to my MP3 player and taking in the view of the plantations. There were no commercial or housing buildings anywhere along the highway, only trees everywhere. We stopped only for some of us to refuel and for all of us to stretch our legs.

Here is a video of us at one of our stops :

Click here to watch in youtube

But it was really fun for me to ride in a procession with the vesporeans. We must have been a sight to behold with our colourful and eye catching scooter. Everywhere we go, there will be someone waving and shouting, “Vespa! Vespa!” at us. I saw that there were also other motorcycle group along the road. Even they were waving and giving us the thumbs up. I feel happy and proud.

Man taking pictures of our Vespas

After about 3 hours, we finally reached Malacca! It was already noon so it was uncomfortably hot. The gang went to have lunch at a famous Chicken Rice Ball restaurant. But as the place wasnt halal, I didn’t eat there. Roadster was really nice to accompany me for lunch as we searched for a suitable place to eat.

Selvam Indian Restaurant with yummy biryani

We stumbled upon an Indian restaurant and feasted on the delicious chicken biryani. Even though I wasn’t that hungry, I find myself polishing off the rice. It was so good!

After lunch, Roadster wanted to go shopping. So I took the chance to roam around by myself and take pictures. As Malacca was formerly colonised by the Dutch and the Portuguese, there were a number of landmarks here which had a European look.

Stadhuys building in Malacca

This is the Stadhuys building. Formerly a residence of the Dutch Governor and his deputy, now it is converted into a museum.

Church in Malacca

A Gothic church was built by the French priest.

Mana Laksa?

The colourful streets made me feel like I was walking back in time. There were loads of antique things and sights.

Wooden Clogs

Like these clogs. These shoes are memorable as they have a very loud “click clock” sound as you walk around in these. But they can hardly be found in Singapore any more.

Man handmaking a sweet

This man here is crafting a handmade sweet. He’d chisel off the hard candy made of sugar. You can hear him when he works and the loud sound of the clinking will attract many children.

Man making a cold dessert - cendol

While walking, I chanced upon a chendol shop. I love chendol! These cool dessert will surely cool you down in the warm weather and I love watching how the dessert gets prepared.

First the man will take a block of ice and puts it in the machine. The ice is then shaved into a container which is then layered with beautiful combination of coconut milk, gula melaka, red bean and jelly.

The Malaccan river

There was a river down the path that I was walking at and I admired the view. Just as I was daydreaming at how nice it would be to take a dip on this hot day, I saw something interesting …

Huge Lizard

Uh … I changed my mind.

Later on we grouped back together and rode around the Malaccan town and did a quick bout of shopping and then it was time to head back.

The way back home was easily one of the most stressful riding experience that I’ve ever had. Somewhere along the middle of the journey, traffic got congested and got heavier as we went along. And then the skies got darker and angrier and the rain poured down.

I always get nervous at times like these as visibility is low and tempers are high. Accidents always happen on the roads when there’s a heavy downpour. And true enough, there were at least 3 accidents that I saw along the way home.

Every motorist wanted to go back home so much so that they squeezed through everywhere! Even the cars and buses cut into the shoulder lane!

This journey was very physically challenging indeed. My back and legs felt sore from all the riding. It was already nightfall and the only illumination was from our vehicles. I definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck here alone!

I was wet, cold, tired and miserable. My mind started to play tricks on me.

After what seemed to be forever, I was really grateful for the quick stops at the R&R along the way so that I could get warmed up again. A warm drink and a stretch of the legs and we were off. An hour later, we were back in Gelang Patah again for our final stop and dinner.

List of burger patties in Malaysia

I couldn’t decide on what to eat. In the end, I decided to have a burger. Cerealz seemed shocked when I translated the words of the banner at the burger stall :

Arnab = Rabbit

Kasawari = Ostrich

Rusa = Deer

I tried the rabbit burger just to see how it tasted like. Interestingly enough, it tasted like chicken.

After dinner, we pumped petrol for the final time and then headed back to the customs then we said our goodbyes to each other. By the time I reached home, the first thing I did was to head to the bathroom to get out of my dirty and wet clothes and have a nice warm shower and then collapsed in bed and snoozed immediately after that. I was that tired!

I realise that I didn’t buy much things in Malacca. I still had a little souvenir though.

Got a sunburt!

Wow, what a tan! But now all my limbs feel stiff and my skin feels like a radiation effect. I’m sunburnt!


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  1. this is definately my favourite post!
    great log of the trip!
    so glad u’ve enjoyed it =)

    remember to wear a jacket to avoid tan and bring along raingear.
    oh yes, its cashcard and RM1.30

    more overseas trip for u???

  2. Moon_Star

    Whoops! Why did I type ez-link card? Hahahaha! Thanks for that, I’ll edit it now! 🙂 And yes, definitely forward to going to more overseas trip moon star!

  3. Gypsy Girl

    I’m glad that we made it safe! Was really scary to be riding in the traffic like that, in the rain, and in darkness though. All the while I was really hoping that it will be over soon.

    But I still enjoyed myself despite the rain and traffic. Would love to do it again 🙂 Hehehehe

  4. What a cool trip!! Great photos of Melaka, and the vespas. Looks like you guys had tons of fun, even though it was a bit of a scary ride back home. Glad you made it back safe 🙂

  5. Kasawari burger? woohoo … wonder how it taste like

    looks like a fulfilling trip, the pink vespa really stands out

    hey one of the cheena guy is my NTU proj mate last time, i forget his name but he inside that vid clip you told him “take 2”

    eh how come no pics of u …

  6. Wow.. that must have been fun! Riding on a vespa all the way to Malacca…

    How many of you all rode up.. Must be very kecoh!!! Hahhha..

    Er rabbit burger.. Always wanted to try but rabbits too cute.. Hahahha..
    Yea .. maybe it’s all chicken!!!

  7. Deer meat is getting more and more common in Singapore. The foodcourt near my workplace sells very good black pepper deer meat rice at $4. 😀

    Ostrich slightly harder, but I know there are some Ostrich farms in Malaysia.

    Rabbit? hmmm….. never tried before leh. How does it taste?

  8. Sha

    I dont know how Kasawari burger tastes like, probably like chicken … hehehe!

    Anyway, the stall was crowded. Rude makciks cut queue and even went to the extent of going INTO the stall to make their orders and made me kind of lost my mood to eat there.

    The pink vespa belongs to Moon Star as you can see 🙂 I’d like to have a pastel green one in time. Oh the guy in the video is Kenny, I didnt know he was from NTU? Haha, I’ll let him know in the forums 🙂

    Err .. oh yeah, seems that I was so busy taking pics of other people that I didnt take pics of myself! Anyway I look horrible lah. No make up, horrible hair and at the end of the day, cold, wet, tired and miserable.

    Dunno if anyone really wants to see that 😛


    Hmmm … About 14 people was there. Is a good amount, not too big but still enough to make an impact on the roads .. hehehe. Anyway, we werent kecoh, cos we were cool …. hehehe … but other people were 😛

    Yeah, initially I wondered if I should try it cos rabbits are really cute, but then again, I wouldnt have the chance to try it again back home right?

    Maybe I should try at another place cos the burger really tasted like chicken!


    Dear meat rice for $4?! Such an exotic meat for that price … Is that possible?! I know for Singapore, ostrich meats are mostly imported from Australia. But it seems that it isnt that many (halal) places that serves it.

    Too exotic, maybe.

    And my rabbit burger tastes just like chicken. Hehehe 😛

  9. how long was the ride to reach to malacca? fun ya! anyway, asal try petronas? there are so many petrol station what… caltex, shell, esso sure got like the ones in singapore.

    haha, sunburnt, you should wear long sleeve. 🙂

  10. Yanni

    Ada! Ada! Ada! *nods head furiously*

    Semua kita try! Caltex ada, esso ada, shell pun kita try! Tapi semua sama lah, cuma petrol jer. Tak ada premium lah, 98 lah, 95 … Hehehehe.

    To reach malacca was about 3 hours. Coming back took longer because of the traffic and the rain. 5 hours I think.

    Yah, I should wear a nylon jacket next time. I look like I’m wearing a brown glove .. hahaha!


    I did! I did have fun! *nods head furiously* Dont worry about the tan, it’ll fade of after a while, its just that I get tanned very very easily. Just an hour in the sun and I get brownier … 😛

    Wow thanks for voting 🙂 I dont see your name though, Snack Monsters said that it was easy register and then click on ‘fame me’ 😀

  11. hahahah to tell u the truth, i’d be in one of those grps who go “vespa! vespa!”. since i was kecik2, i love watching vespas on the road, tak kira lah solo or in group.

    Those normal ones i just glance at, but those which are pimped (there’s one in my neighbourhood, soft pink with a kayu bakul! how cute!), i can literally stop and stare.

    There’s just something about em vespas mun.

  12. Hisyam

    Thanks :]


    Bakul kayu? I think I’ve seen that in the Vespa Club before … Hrmm … Very the retro 🙂 I should mod my scooter too, but erm … I guess I dont have any ideas on what to do 😛

    Yeah mun, there’s just something about vespa mun … Hehehe! You’ll get one in time, even your mum will like it 🙂

  13. when i was younger, i always wanted to ride a vespa when i pass 2b.

    well years went by, i didnt pass 2b, got 3 instead.

    maybe i should get a bicycle with a vespa bodykit. 😛

  14. a BIG WOW!! that was soooo cool!~! to have gone for a roadtrip like that! youre cool babe! me jangan cakap motor or vespa lah…car pun me so scared for any roadtrip..eee!

    yups marina…the green noodles has always been my feberet everytime i see japs fare..hehe

  15. Malique

    Hahaha! Or you could mod your car to look like a vespa 😛 Hehehehe! Would you consider taking up 2B lessons again? Now I’m thinking if I should take up 2A. Hmm …


    Me? Cool? No lah. But the experience was definitely cool! I really enjoyed myself hehehe 🙂 But the trip was scary during the way back home because of the massive traffic jam and the rain. Squeezing in was scary!

    Wah .. feberet sey … hahaha … Cool green noodles 🙂

  16. When we were there it was noon, so it was extremely hot with the sun shining directly on us. Ouch.

    Kasawari is Ostrich. No idea how they got the meat though. I dont know how it tastes like since I didnt get a chance to eat it. Probably tastes like chicken too 😛 Hehehe

    Singapore do sell halal exotic meats, its just that we dont know where they sell it 😐

    Cant wait to see the vids 🙂

  17. weather in melaka hot ar?
    i bin there too!

    wot is kasawari?
    hw does rusa n arnab taste lik?
    i neva even tasted duck 4 e matter….
    pity singapore dun sell e halal version of these “MEATS”
    ouh! e vid url u link me i cnt go yt, my pc spoilt, im usin someone else’s pc, once it all done, i pt up on my blog n u cn c 🙂

  18. marina, i da dwnload e software
    e website a bit trick eh?
    cus u i gt many anti spam/anti-spyware/antivirus installed in my pc, i gt to relli fineline readin e wbesite b4 i find e link to install e software..
    hard wrk!!!
    im veri BAFFLED hw to use e software
    k, if i gt a *.GP file, wic suitable format[dun wan to lose resoulton n u knw gt many2 e pixel tingy] shld i encode to
    mp3, mp4 or avi, mov so tat i can put it up @ youtube n oso blogger?

    if by chance u do knw any merchants tat sell LEGAL halal exotic meat esp DUCk, do inform me k?

    sori 4 e beladi long comment….

  19. You can upload a 3gp format in youtube directly. Actually I dont recommend that you convert it anymore because youtube will reduce the quality of your video to make it run faster. :

    But of course if you wanted to add in subtitles and effects, you’d have to convert because movie editors dont usually recognize the 3gp format 🙂

  20. yeah.. I’ve been to Malacca too like 3-4 years ago! I remembered their Bus interchange near the river there is so so chaotic!!! And the traffic! Speechless! LOL

  21. Kev

    Yeah I can imagine that! Hahaha! There are quite a number of people where we went to, that sunday. But most of them are tourists though.

    I’ve been on one of those night bus to penang, its quite scary how the driver can speed up so fast like that. And its freezing cold in there! Eek!

  22. hi! could i have your contact details please? i am looking for vespas for a dinner and dance event and was just wondering if you or your friends are interested in renting your vespas for an hr or 2 for phototaking..thanks!

  23. I didnt spend alot, mainly for food and drinks, less than 50 ringgit for food and drinks and to top up for petrol. Maybe slightly more for buying souvenirs 🙂

  24. hi!
    im currently looking for vespas for rent, for an event next month. Friday 10th Oct.
    wondering if there’s any way i can, through the vespa club!

    u culd email me or buzz me @ 9274 4530. thanks!!

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