What if this was my last post

Eastcoastlife really scared me a couple of days ago when she posted “My last post” in her blog. Turns out that it was just a meme. I guess I overreacted and did not read that post carefully.

But what if it were really my last post? I cant peek into the future, I really cant tell. Will I still blog in the next 10 years? I’d only hypothesise in my romanticised mind that it’ll might be like these :

August 2009

Its my birthday! Will be celebrating with cartcart tonight. I cant believe I’m already 31 years old! I’m officially middle aged now … Bah! Most probably we’re heading down to Nemi and we’ll see the spectacular lakes there. Parents in law has been asking us to come over, and I’m still thinking of a good excuse not to. Hehehehe.

Just recently I’ve finally got my citizenship. It has been quite stressful the past year trying to adjust to the environment here. Luckily for me, Bruna has been such a good friend. And Cart has been very supportive too.

But I really miss home back in Jurong. Its just the little quirks and most especially the people that I miss the most.

September 2010

Oh my goodness! The doctor confirmed what mum in law has long suspected. I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant? Oh my goodness! So many things going through my head. This is so exciting! And yet kind of scary at the same time. Will I be a good mother?

If she’s a girl, I’d like her to be called Lisa. Funny how I’ve picked that name for my first daughter since Jurong Institute days. Hehehehe.

Going to call family back in Singapore now. I wonder how they will react!

December 2013

Cart, little Norman and me, are finally in Singapore for our December holidays. Its sort of cute to see mum fussing over little Norman. But at the same time its very humbling to see the family again. I always take it for granted that they will stay the same. I’m just shocked in the realisation that everyone has grown much older …

Speaking of change, wow so much has changed that I can hardly recognize anything! Went for a date with cartcart to Jurong Point. Was telling cart that I used to hang out here alot for my gossip sessions with Juli. But what on earth happened here? The place looks so different and much bigger and there’s a whole lot more people here than what I remembered.

I’m persuading cartcart to watch a movie with me. Its been such a long time since I watched a movie in english. Gosh, there’s a Rambo 10?

July 2017

I’m having chest pains again. I’ve had this pain since my teenage days when somedays, I wake up and feel it but it goes away in a few minutes. Its getting more frequent. I dont know what I’m doing wrong.

Anyway, I’m fetching little Norman from kindergarden now. He’s grown up so quickly. He’s got his dad’s skin and brown hair but he’s definitely got my eyes and mouth. Oh and my temperament too. Such a drama papa at such a young age. Looks like a beautiful day outside. Maybe the three of us can stop by at the Villa Schiarra park later and then have some gelato. Ah the simple joys of life. Vita è bella

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  1. September 2010

    Chatted with Rinaz online, she told me of her pregnancy. Congrats I mentioned! I then courier over a gift to her place, a set of baby clothes, with Lisa initials on it

    cool blog entry la … macam kita boleh make-up the story 🙂

  2. December 2010

    Met Rinaz on 2nd Life, she looked kinda funny … hmm…. fat. She has a tummy. Then she told me she’s pregnant. Woot! 

    hehehe....make your imagination fly! Dare to dream! My best wishes dearie. *Hug*

  3. Sha

    December 2010:

    How sweet of you to send baby girl clothes! I’m only 2 months pregnant now. I am sure that baby Lisa would look cute in them :] Thank you!

    I hope that the post office people could reach it here on time. After all, Italians are known for their “speed” hehehe. Speaking of which, how are you doing now that you’re in that new secondary school in the PE department? I know that this was something that you’ve thought of for a long time. I’m happy that you are happy with the choice that you’ve made :]


    You must have mistaken me for someone else 😛 I’m always slim and slender in Secondlife. Cant say the same for real life though, ever since I’ve been here, I’ve been putting on weight … The fact that Cart is a good cook hasnt made it any easier! Argh!

    How is life there for the three of you? Jaymes must be stressed out with his A levels right now, isnt he?

  4. Hahahha. That’s a very cool post. I’m lost in your time twilight zone but bet it’s really fun to imagine what would you be blogging about 10 years ahead. Hahahah.

    Hmmm.. now where would I be 10 years from now?!

  5. Edroos

    Why not imagine how you will be (or would like to be) like a week, a month, a year from now? It should be an interesting thing to imagine 🙂


    Awww … “Today I baked a cake” kind of post? :]

  6. woouw, very cool Rina….I love your imaginations. I try to picture when you got pregnant and far away from family and friends in Singapore, it would be intersting.

    Sorry, I have not been able to log on the second life as life in the real life is very hectic at the mo, but I’ll find the time to log on again and hope to meet you there.

    Keep blogging Rina, people love your blog.

    From England with love,

  7. Matahari

    Aww … is that why I didnt see you on SL? Well, I’ve been too tired to log in too much these weeks myself … :

    I dont know how the future will be like, but would be nice to think of the things that can happen :]

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