We are all connected

I feel quite poignant

Lilian is right when she said that the blogosphere is very close knitted. I remember what Preetam mentioned before during the E27 unconference. He said “Most people are more inclined to read blogs that belong to their friends or aquaintances”.

I cant speak for all, but I think the statement is true. Much of my feeds are of my friends, as I like to read the updates on my friend’s life and see what they are up to. Of course at the same time, there are interesting feeds that I’ve subscribed, to whom I have no aquaintance of.

Nevertheless, the blogosphere definitely is very close knitted. We know this is so because of this simple experiment :

1. Look at your blogroll and click one at random

2. Notice that the blogroll of the person you’ve clicked on has at least 2 or more people that you know.

3. Now click their blogroll at random. Chances will be that you’ll still see at least one person that you recognize.

Eventually everyone is connected to each other in the blogosphere. We’ll be even closer to the six degree of separation.

Evangelion - We are all connected

The world has become a smaller place. Nowadays, I dont even need the rss reader to see updates on my friends. With websites such as the increasingly popular twitter, I can see what they are doing and thinking real time. Isnt that useful?

However in retrospective, somehow I think it just gives us a false sense of security. Yes, it is definitely convenient. But a million sms updates just cant compare real interaction. Besides, would anyone really care about my mundane activities and rants?

This is a typical twitter message

3:00pm – Scratching my head
3:05pm – I just sneezed
3:10pm – Swinging around on my chair
3:12pm – Eating chocolate
3:15pm – Oh I just blinked my eyes

Uh … Too much information?

But one cannot deny its usefulness. This reminds me of a report by New York Daily News in 2005 of of how the last entry of his blog, has helped police to catch his murderer. His xanga blog is still up and I was struck by how easily it is to connect to him – looking at his picture, and reading his posts, it is not hard to imagine him as our friend. He was an ordinary and real person. Just like us.

Sek Man

Even though we may not be able to meet up with our internet friends in real life, I believe that it is possible to have real feelings and memories towards them.

I still have memories of my online friends.

Avatar of undercore

Undercore, a friendly and helpful young man whom was very helpful towards me and glonan, a sweet lady that is always very perceptive towards her friends. They are both gone too soon.

I think eventually, blogs and websites are a form of archive to remember us by. This blog too, is used for remembering past experiences and memories.

I think I am an average, ordinary person just like everybody else. We are all connected because we want to remember and to be remembered.

As a side note : There’s a blogout event coming up on the 24th May. Do come down if you can make it. This will be a great and fun way to meet and network with other bloggers 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I agree with the part about blog being our legacy. Did you read about the 29 yrs old Singaporean girl who died few days after she blogged that she is working so hard, she may die? It is on Zewt’s blog. And you can find Zewt under letter Z in my blog. Like life, blog like it is your last. Hahaha.

  2. Hmm, I too noticed for quite a while your observation on the bloggers’ links’ thingamajig. Same goes for friendster, I keep having to say – “Eh he’s your friend, cool, he’s mine too!” or “eh we’re cousins!” (true story). Small world we live in, and made much more smaller with new IT breakthroughs every single day.

    Been lurking in your blog for a while, Rinaz. Will link you up 🙂 Good write btw, I enjoy reading your articles.

  3. Faddy

    Hi, thanks for dropping in the comment box 🙂 Yes, we do bump into people that we know on networking sites dont we? Inclusive of friendster, myspace, twitter hi5 and others.

    Even my relatives are able to track me by typing in my name on google! I guess it really isnt that difficult to find a person in this age. Hehehehe.

    Wow, I feel very happy that you like my blog! (head inflates) I’ll link you back soon 🙂

  4. i think the moment you setup a blog, your intention to share with the ‘world’ a part of you. But then again there’s a fine line between online vs real.

    True, ‘we are all connected’ … i even bumped into my newphew or niece blogs. BGR, crushes, haha, dunno if i should continue reading as it’s their personal thoughts and I’m their uncle

    I do have a separation between the two. I’ve seen few of my frens who are obsessive bloggers, not a pretty sight … but overall most people have a ‘healthy’ blog life.

    I’m glad I found yours. Keep on blogging!

  5. ur post seems rather timely marina – i’ve only just decided to stop blogging, and reading ur entry here has made it even more of a heartbreaking decision. 😛 but in any case, i’m glad i managed to stumble upon ur bloggie and meet u in person; I have my blogging to thank for that.

    but u keep on blogging ur fantastic entries babe! anyway, who knows? the blogging bug might still bite again sometime in the future. 😛 or the withdrawal symptoms may become too hard for me to handle, hehehe…

  6. Sha

    Yes, you are right. I agree that there should be a line between virtual life and real life and that one should not be too addicted to virtuality. Although I have to admit that its very easy to get addicted. What more with the internet being deeply ingrained into our lives.

    I havent really stumbled that much into my relative’s blog. I think its just a matter of searching. But truth be told, I try not to find them. I dont know. Its just wierd to me to be reading their blogs 😛

    And I’m glad that I found your blog too sha! You are an impressive blogger 🙂

    Nana Jr

    I think you’re a little too young for the blog out. If they let you in, I think you’d be the youngest blogger there. Anyway, I dont think I’m going to the blog out as I have night class on the day. Sorry. Very spoil-mood, I know :


    Huh? You’re closing your blog? Noooooooooo!!!!! Is this … goodbye???

    *faints dramatically*

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