stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness (definition) narrative that represents the random process of a character’s thoughts and sense impressions


Goodnight dearest. Sleep well tonight *waves*


Gosh, she still hasnt woken up yet. We’re supposed to be going to the museum right now. But there is a horrble throbbing on the left part of my head. I think I’ll lie down a while.


Hahaha! She’s wearing a red shirt. I’ll wear my red top too


Finally on the expressway. I love love love riding. Cruising on at 90km/hr with the wind in my face. I wonder why she’s not the least bit scared when I speed a little.


What is going on? My rear tyre feels extremely wobbly! That has never happened before! Maybe I’ll slow down a little … Its still wobbly! This is dangerous! No no! This wont do. I’ll stop by the roadside and check what is going on.

Flat tyre

What the? Bwahhh! How can this be? I just pumped air in this thing last week! Maybe I can push the scooter to the nearest petrol station.


This is impossible. Its too tiring to push it that far. Baby is too big.

Hello? Is this Mr Daniel? Can you please tow my scooter? Yes, I’m a Vespa Club member. My scooter is a grey coloured GT200. We are located near the exit of the expressway heading towards Keppel Road.


Boooring ….


Booooring … But the clouds look beautiful up there in the sky. Three different shades of clouds … White, grey and dark grey … It looks like ice cream! I wish I could just lie down on the grass and do nothing but stare at the clouds.

Wow. A lorry just passed by and there’s water streaming from it. And another vehicle! And another! Somewhere on the expressway, there must be heavy rain going on. Where is the bikebulance? There’s little drops of rain already …


He’s finally here!


Bye baby! Dont cry, ok? Mummy will pick you up later. Anyway, we’re pretty close to the museum. I think we can reach there by foot.


The city is such a ghost town in the weekends. There’s no one in office clothes walking around. What the? Her sandals just snapped! This must be our unlucky day isnt it? Stay there for a while ok, I’ll go look at 7-11. Nope, none here. Oh wait! There’s an apparel shop just beside it. With shoes!


Diana! Diana! Come look! Shoes! Whee! You can run here now, theres no vehicles incoming.

Interesting shop here. Its like one of those factory outlet shops. Loads of clothes and some bags and shoes here. Nothing that I like though. She chooses a shiny pair of sandals.


This road looks familliar. I sent her here for her audition some months back. I’m so bad with road names though … Maxwell road … Maxwell road … Where is Maxwell road … Hmm … Ah! There’s a map near the train station there!


Woot! We are here! Red Dot Design Museum! Red shirts, red building. How appropriate! Hahaha!


Hmmm … Interesting stuff…

Calculate power use

The plug calculates the amount of power used and shows the amount of money to be paid. Useful.

Device for avalanche

This device lets out steam and has a rotating tool to get remove ice when trapped in an avalanche. Very useful.

Kid Emergency Pack

I like this.This backpack has a low powered device to make emergency calls to parents, and a cape that can be made into a poncho, a raincoat and a sleeping bag. Would be useful.


There’s no need to roll it manually anymore. Just break the seal and slip it down. Hmm … Interesting.

Hello? Yeah. Hi. You want to meet us for dinner? Sure. Where? Ok, we’ll be there about 7.30 or so. Bye.


What time is it? Oh crap! Its 6pm. We need to rush down to Tong Aik before it closes at 6.30. Shall we take the train Diana? Did you enjoy the museum? Really? Cool! I’m surprised. Wait, I need a drink. I’m thirsty.


Yep. We need to change station here. The purple line. We’re dropping off at Little India station. Wait, what did I press at the ticket machine? Dhoby Ghaut? Doh!


This is Little India! Have you been here before? I think so. You were here with mum during school excursion when you were in Lakeside Primary School wasnt it? I remember. Gosh we are late. We’re heading to that orange building right there. Do you see it?


Hi Auntie. No, this is Marina. I’ve come to pick up my GT. Yes, the tyre went flat when we were on the expressway. Its very scary. I dont dare to continue riding anymore. I’ve never had that happen to me before. Ok. I’ll go to the workshop now. Bye!


Woah. Look at that puncture! Thats huge! What the heck happened?

Pirelli Tyre

Hi baby, are you feeling better now? Ready to ride, Diana? Lets go!

Woot! Feels good to be riding again! Round and around we go down to the first floor. Did you know that this used to be a petrol station? They are going to convert it into a food center down there.

I dont want to go too fast, this is the city area. Too many vehicles going on. Its saturday after all. Jurong Primary School? No love, we’re nowhere near Jurong, hahahaha! But the buildings does remind of Jurong doesnt it? We’re near Newton Circus. They sell hawker center food here. But the price is about two dollars extra for each dish. Yeah, I dont fancy going here either.


We are here! This is Orchard! Have you been here before? This is Far East Plaza. I usually park my scooter here when I am in Orchard. No, I dont smell chicken rice. Let me message Juli. She says she’ll be here in 15 mins.


Cool look at all the clothes! And shoes! Oh that looks cute! Gosh so much things on sale. Great Singapore sale. Hey thats the same top that I bought just about 3 weeks ago. 50% off? Gahhh!!!!


What? You’re still in Wisma? You said you’ll be here in 15 mins, half an hour ago! Sale?! Ok bye!


You’re here already? Ok, I’ll go queue up at Sakura first. I am sure there will be a row of people there already. Are you hungry, Diana? I’m hungry too. Lets see whats good in the menu.

Why hello there. Did you have a nice time shopping? Where are you going? Bah. She saw something she liked while going up the escalator. Doh!

Oh I’m so tired. We must have spent the entire day walking.


Woohoo! The food is finally here! Diana you must try the Tom Yam Soup. Its yummy! One slurp, and your eyes will just go wide open cause its that hot and spicy. What? Not hot enough? Are you kidding? Slurp. Uwahhhh … How can you say its not hot?

So, how are you Juli? Really? I’m really sad to hear … I thought they were cool with it … Yeah, Hema’s going to Australia to take her degree. Two years. Her husband? I dont know. I guess she’ll leave him here. Hahaha.

Excuse me, can we add steamed fish? And an extra plate of rice? Yes, thanks. Oh my what blue eyes you have.


That kimono top is nice. Can I try? Its a little too tight at the chest area. I hate trying on clothes. Not many stuff fit me well. Why are so many clothes so small! I’m not fat! I should try to eat less …

Forget it. I’ll rather look at shoes. Ooh! Thats a cute bag! What an adorable pair of green shoes … but I dont like this brand. It doesnt last long.

We better go home soon Juli. Wanna join us to the Toy Museum tomorrow? I think it’ll be fun. See you. Bye!


This is the city. I’ll pass through this U-Turn. Say bye bye to Orchard road Diana. Hehehe.


Woah I’m beat. I think I’ll lie down for a while. Did you enjoy today? Cool 🙂 Please switch off the computer when you’re done. Its too bright! I cant sleep. I cant slee …zzzz …


EEK! I didnt take off my contact lenses! A quick splash of water on the face. Peel off this contact lenses. Blink blink. Yawn … Scratch scratch. Yawn …. Hmmm … zzzz ….

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  1. Hahah ok usually i find myself sleeping when people blog bout their day in thsi format but somehow you made it work! Uncle Sha did it once, and ive still yet to try. Haha

    Btw your day quite unlucky hor, thank God you stopped instead of just going on. With a tear like that, danger! And i love red dot design museum! Stuff there are really interesting and an aesthetically pleasing experience.

    Anyway, give my regards to your dad. I pray for his speedy recovery 🙂

  2. Faddy

    Dont worry, even if you find it boring, just say lah … I wont feel bad … 😛

    I really have no idea how I got that puncture. All of a sudden the rear tyre felt very wobbly. I didnt even feel like I hit something on the road. Wow, very dangerous. Lucky we were riding in the extreme left lane. Imagine if suddenly we swerve at the overtaking lane … ooohh … *shivers*

    And thanks for the regards, really appreciate it :]


    And time for Singaporeans to be lazying about in bed too … hehehehe 😀

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