Of smart spammers and of Joost

I like to use statcounter. I think it’s very useful and exciting to see who my visitors are. That was when I noticed this very curious visitor who stopped by my old blog. Who can that be?


When I traced the stats at my old blog, and saw that it was referred to from rocketboom. How strange.


Rocketboom is an awesome vidcast webpage that I’d occasionally go to. But I haven’t been there recently. And I don’t usually post comments in there. So why would I have a visitor from there?

I scanned through and saw this message:


I see my name. And I see it linked to my old blog. But that’s not me! How sneaky these spammers are! Not only do they intrude my email with promises of enlarging my non-existent manhood, now they resort to using *MY* name to spam. What the heck?

I wonder if there are other people who experienced this? Should I be worried?

In happier news, I’ve just discovered Joost! 😀 Thanks aplink and CJ for the invite!

Screenshot of Joost

Joost is a software where you can watch real time streaming of tv shows on demand. It’s like watching on demand cable on the internet. I’ve heard so much about it but didn’t give it a try till just yesterday when aplink and CJ were offering their invites on the ping.sg shoutbox.

The picture quality for Joost is quite good. It is still relatively sharp even when enlarged to full screen. What really impressed me the most was that it was almost instantaneous to stream.

Having watching clips on youtube and comparing the streaming speed to Joost, Joost is much much faster. The thing that was constantly on my mind was, “Woah! How did they do that?”

Screenshot of Joost

This is a screenshot of the show that I’m watching on at the moment, called Bridezilla. This reality show revolves around several women who are about to get married and how they turn absolutely crazy as their day of matrimony comes nearer. Yikes! I hope I don’t turn into one of those!

To get Joost, you’d need an invitation. I don’t have any since I’m a new member. But there are loads of other bloggers that are offering invites. Just ask 🙂

9 Replies to “Of smart spammers and of Joost”

  1. You’re right. The connection is almost instantaneous! I had a ball of a time watching Braindead Channel, World of Stupid – Tokyo Shock Boys episode. Catchy song! Hahahahaha!

  2. Miza

    World of stupid is like jackass! Argh! Why would anyone do such a thing?! Argh! *hugs self and rocks back and forth, safe place … safe place … safe place …*

  3. Miza

    Erm … :X Hehehehe


    I dont have any invites since I am a new member, but you can ask CJ below me there I think he still has a few to give away 🙂


    I like Joost. I hope they put in more tv stations 🙂 I’d like to watch more comedies!


    Try asking CJ above me, I think he has a few more to give away 🙂

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