I was a speaker for a Secondlife discussion

ME ME! I'm in the secondlife panel!
From Left to right : Me, Alvin, Aileen, Kevin, Cory and Jean

Oh wow. Guess where I was!

I’m part of the panel for the Secondlife discussion at Nexus. It was quite nerve wrecking talking in front of the people there presenting about ‘Relationships on the metaverse’. But I guess I survived.

Thanks Kevin for inviting me to the panel, thanks Uzyn for selflessly lending me your laptop, and of course, Vanessa, Preetam and everyone else who supported the event.

I’ll update more later. By the way, do check out today’s Sunday times! I’m on page 54! 😀

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  1. hah, yeah saw it! saw the pic of u n cartcart on the front page and my first thought was, omg, did they rip it off from ur blog? 😛 hehehe

    aww, ur prev entry was so sweet. 🙂 and hello? i think u’re the gorgeous one lah. @_@ yep yep, am glad to meet u too.

    btw, those choccies are long gone, kekekeke. thks babe!

  2. Gypsy Girl

    I was talking to cartcart on msn when DD wrote a comment on my blog, that made me rush off to get a copy of the newspaper. I left cartcart on msn by himeself 😛 Hahaha. Too funny!

    I dont think I’m a star … (yet!) Hehehe


    Hi Bjorn! I think I saw you at the nexus event during lunch. You were talking to somebody. I had to look twice to see if it was really you because I think my eyes were playing tricks on me the entire day.

    Poster girl? Me? Uhm …


    Yeah! It was exciting to see that picture. Hehehe. I almost couldnt wait to get home to read it!

    The previous entry was heartfelt 🙂 You’re a really sweet person! Just like the chocolate (which is by the way, one of the yummiest ones I’ve ever tried)

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