From Bugis Street to Serangoon

This is for Clare and Timtam who were both Singaporeans, now living overseas 🙂

I was just killing time while waiting for my scooter to be repaired and thought that you might like this clip from Bugis Street to Serangoon.

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  1. DK

    Interestingly enough, not many people gave me that annoyed ‘Dont film me’ look. When I went to chinatown, loads of shopkeepers didnt like me photographing them.

    I dont think I looked like a tourist. I’m too sloppily attired to be a tourist 😛

    Gypsy Girl

    Allo! 😀 Bugis is very VERY crowded, bustling and full of life. The large mall, parco bugis junction is even *more* crowded … thats why I try to avoid there. Its as crowded as orchard 😐

    Are you coming back to Singapore?

    Nana Jr

    I like those blackberry tartlets too. Cant seem to find them anywhere anymore.

  2. Wow! I LOVED that!!! Thanks Rinaz for posting this. It really makes me want to go to Singapore! I love that place… Sure looks crowded tho, phew.

  3. Wow, it must be time for a trip. Watching your video makes me really homesick – even tho I’m not from Singapore – I used to go every year on my way to Malaysia (when I used to work for an airline :P). We were hoping to go in May, but unfortunately don’t know when we can make it now due to a spanner in the works *sigh*

  4. Nana Jr

    That would be awesome 🙂 I love those biscuits!

    Gypsy Girl

    I’m amazed that you are homesick for this very very crowded and congested place! 😛 But I am sure that you will be back here eventually 🙂 Just hang on in there!

    Whats a spanner by the way?

  5. yes i feel homesick when i see familiar sights and sounds . . . wah you certainly have very steady hands ! i miss being able to run outside with a tank top and skirt and not have to put on a layers first.. .. this lack of sun up here has resulted in painfully pale limbs! eeeksss!
    i know that exact route you walked . . . thanks for thinking about me 😉

  6. Clare

    Not a problem *hugs* 🙂 I know its not IMM, but since I live in Jurong, there’s alot of watching eyes there … a little self conscious … hehehe.

    Oh yeah about the many layers part! Cart’s sister was amazed that I had to put on a thick wooly top when it got to evening time, it was chilly for me. And it was in the middle of June! I dont think I could ever leave the house in December. It’ll be too cold for me …

    Pale? People here are paying big money to get the porcelain complexion that you have, Clare 😉

  7. *sighs* believe it or not, I can even “smell” the atmosphere while I was watching the clip! …just goes to show how much Im missing Singapore! WOW…All thoses colorful juices…made me soooo thirsty! Its been 3 yrs since I was last there..I definately think I’m due for a visit soon. Especially since now TigerAir will have a route here…cheaper airfares means more $$ for food & shopping! 🙂

    Thanks Rinaz for the clip & for thinking of me..LOVED it!! 🙂

  8. Timtams

    Its my pleasure! I’m glad that you loved it 🙂 I didnt smell anything out of the ordinary though 😛 Oh, speaking of smells, there wasnt any roasted chestnut sellers around, that would have been interesting to film 🙂

    Yes, there were so many types of juices, I saw mango, soursop, lime, watermelon, orange, and others that I cant remember 😛

    How much are tix from ozzie to sg? I’ve always wanted to go there. And do come to sg! *waves pompoms*

  9. eh slight correction… to your : ‘This is for Clare and Timtam who were both Singaporeans…’
    Maybe not Timtam.. but Ahem… i am *still* a Singaporean! 🙂

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