Sick Season is here

Been sick these last few days. Spent the last few days cocooning on my bed that I thought I’d go into a state of metamorphosis and turn into Jeff Goldblum.

When mum found out that I was ill, she diagnosed me as having “love sickness” and decided to make this concoction of water mixed with chopped sirih leaves, rice and chopped onion(!)

I could smell it from across the room.

“Whats this? It smells horrible!” I croaked.

“This is traditional medicine. The sirih leaves will revitalise, the rice will cool your fever and the onion will stimulate your blood flow”

“At the same time, this is for me to spread on you to marinate before cooking you! HAHAHAHA!” She cackled.

I think I was so horrified by the entire olfactory experience that I passed out. But when I woke up shortly after, I felt significantly better.

I looked at myself. No, I did not turn into Jeff Goldblum. However, my entire bed and floor was covered with tiny green leaves as if a giant passed by, flaking green, leafy dandruff.

Sigh. What an eye sore.

But on another note, I’m helping Geri to advertise for loving new owners for an adorable 5 month old Labrador/Retriever puppy.

Nike the puppy

Responsible people only please! 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sleep the remainder of my fever away in my uh … secret garden.

4 Replies to “Sick Season is here”

  1. Yeah, I remember my mum used to slather us siblings in oil mixed with sliced (not chopped) onions. Still can remember the awful sting-y smell. Bluek. But it works. Tsk.

    You get well soon too.

  2. Gypsy Girl

    Thanks Gypsy Girl, getting better by the day. I always seem to have throat issues though. Do you think I can get a new one from ebay?

    Wish you’d take the puppy, its so cute. Those eyes are irresistible.


    Must be something about smelly stuff that is healing … Like umm .. bantal busuk 😛 Hehehehe …


    Thanks! And do take care, the sick season is here …

    Mum is a bit of everything inside. Philosopher, preacher, nurturer, giver … and experienced bully 😛

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