The mind is a powerful tool

Has anyone read the book, ‘The hidden messages in water’ by Dr Masaru Emoto?

In this book, he writes about his experiments using water from various sources. He directs thoughts and feelings at the sample of water before freezing them and then observing the water crystals.

The results are really fascinating. Here are some of them:

thank you
Thank You

love and appreciation
Love and Appreciation

you make me sick
You make me sick, I will kill you

Adolph Hitler

Because our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, Dr Masaru Emoto believes that human thoughts, will affect a person, depending it be positive or negative.

That is the power of the inner power that each of us have, just by thought alone.

I’m usually a sceptical person. Though I may not believe Dr Emoto a hundred percent, I do believe that the mind is a very powerful tool and that there are many things that we have not tapped yet. We’ve recently discovered speed reading, accelerated learning and mental power. I am sure that with time, we will discover new things.

Imagine the things we could do in the future.

Fascinating. Just fascinating.

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  1. Mr Right

    Pokok, api dan air ada perasaan? Hmmm …

    Mungkin ada buktinya seperti eksperimen Dr Emoto. Kita boleh juga bandingkan dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan, jikalau kita cakap atau menyanyi kepada tumbuhan itu, ia akan membesar dengan lebih subur.

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