The Kid’s Central Kid audition

Sure was a lot of people queuing up for the Kids Central auditions. It felt like Singapore Idols all over again, except for the contestants being in their tweens.

pic of the mediacorp bestway building

My sister, Diana persuaded me to send her to Mediacorp, Bestway Building where she was to have her auditions. I think that it would be a good experience, just to try something new.

The queue of people snaked all the way till the carpark. There were fidgety kids everywhere. Some started to fidget in the warm, sunny afternoon. Diana was given a queue number and a piece of script to memorize and she sat down at the final line.

pic of the hopefuls

After what seemed to have taken ages, she came out of the audition room.

“How was it?” I asked

“It was ok. But I waited for hours just to be auditioned for 5 minutes! And they didn’t even ask me why I wanted to be a host. They just told me to read the script, that’s all!”

“Were you nervous?”

“Not really”

“And then what?”

“They will let me know if I make it to the next round in 2 weeks time by phone”

All the best to you Diana. Whether you get through or not is not important. You’ll always stay a bubbly, fun and zesty person šŸ™‚

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  1. Hello. I am some random girl who came across your blog.
    I went for the auditions too! Except that I had mine on Sunday, because they extended it. And yeah, they just ask a few questions, and whatever.
    Good luck to your sister!! :)))

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