I love open source

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With all the different expensive software out there, it’s still nice to know that there are alternatives, where most of them are free.

These are called open source – whereby software is made public to the general and allows users to create and improve on it. So far I’ve used quite a few of these software.

One of them is Openoffice, by Sun Microsystem . This is a free alternative to a popular office software. Like its peer, it includes the tools which were are familliar with.

pic of the writer software from sun microsystem

pic of the impress software from sun microsystem

Although there are some miniscule kinks around, it was still very good, user friendly and gets the job done. This is something hard to beat for gratis.

I’ve been using Audacity for my podcasts. This software is a competent editor for voice recording, editing, and effects and it doesn’t have such a steep learning curve as compared to many other voice editors.

pic of the interface of the audacity software

To my amazement, there is even a free software to capture clips from 3D applications. As my secondlife video record function went bonkers, I needed to find alternative ways.

I stumbled upon the software Taksi quite by chance from the Secondlife forums, tried it and I find it a rather competent software. It isn’t as well developed as fraps, which I find is a very good 3D capture software. But I think Taksi be better in time. This is a short clip I recorded in Secondlife using Taksi

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And as you read this post, this blog is using the wordpress platform and written in blogdesk. And the gallery where I place my photos and digital art, uses coppermine.

In time perhaps, I might be brave enough to change my operating system altogether. From what I’ve seen in Ubuntu, Linux is very user friendly and is bundled with many useful and free software inside. I really didn’t have much problems in manoeuvring.

Open source really isn’t that difficult to use. Why not give it a try and see what treasures that you could find from out there. πŸ™‚

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