Happy thinking day!

This morning, I noticed that Shirlyn, one of the staff in the school was donning on her ranger uniform. A ranger is a mentor for the girl guides – an association which I joined when I was in my teens.

Pic of rangers, guides and brownies

How odd“, I thought to myself. “Its not an activity day today, so why is she putting that on?”

And then I remembered that today is February the 22nd. Thinking day! Today is the day to remember about sister guides and brother scouts all over the world. Today is also a day in rememberance of the founder, Lord Baden Powell and Lady Baden Powell.

Wow. Loads of nostalgia there.

I first joined the association as a brownie, at about 9 years old. I’m not exactly sure what drew me, but I really enjoyed the activities that we did. I remembered that at the end of every meeting, we gathered round in a circle and sang this adorable song.

It went something like:

“Those born in January. Go home go home go home”
“Those born in February. Go home go home go home”

And it goes all the way to December. When your birth month is called out, you’d step to the front. I’d always step up when August is called.

I had so much fun that naturally, I continued to be a Guide when I started secondary school. We learnt loads of survival skills like map reading, knot tying (useful to make furniture out of sticks and pitching tents) as well as leadership skills.

Yes, I'm the one with the glasses

I really felt a connection with nature when we went to camp – it was one of those days when I felt empowerment. I had to pitch my own tent to sleep in, and traverse the jungle.

It was such great times.

Unfortunately, I’m still horrible at map reading. Which explains why I can still get lost even with the street directory with me.

Anyway, just for fun I tried on something I havent worn for a very long time.

Oh my!


I cant believe it still fits.

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  1. woah..u can still fit into ur old attire..i cant even fit into my clothes that i bought a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stress..kata je nak pegi jogging..tapi asik asik tak jadi

  2. Nana

    Considering that the girl guides uniform had to last me from secondary 1 to 4, I bought them in a much larger size. Now its much more snug compared than before, but still wearable 🙂

    Alah, kalau nak pergi berlari-lari anak, pergi ajalah. Seperti pepatah Nike, Buat ajerlah. 😛

  3. Chuwen

    My baby is fine, thanks! I’m really enjoying my riding. I think my life would be empty without my baby.

    As for asking your mom, maybe you could just go for riding lessons first and see how it goes from there 🙂


    Oh yes, all those campfires and marching – which scout or guide could ever forget those!

    Later brother 🙂

  4. How’s the math like behind riding a Vespa?

    Initial Cost? How much is a full tank and how many km is that?

    Is it really as dangerous as they say it is, or are scooters safer than those usual bikes?

    Sorry to bother you.

  5. wow you still keep it? i wish my parents didn’t throw away mine

    i wonder if u can still fit into my pri or sec sch uniform, maybe not … the ass is getting big la … haha

    well that outfit seem lobor … ur waistline turun eh?

  6. Chuwen

    Do you mean inclusive of the riding lessons at a driving school? If its just the vespa, initial cost would be about 7k – 8k that would include the COE, road tax and insurance.

    But I’d recommend for new riders to get a 2nd hand one to get a feel of how vespas are like to ride for about a month, just in case they dont like it rather than get a new one and then finding that its not suitable for them at all. And then getting a new one if they find it suitable.

    You could pay in installments with about 1k deposits.

    A full tank is about 10 liters. I never need to pay more than 10 dollars a week. Actually its cheaper for me to travel by scooter than public transportation.

    Maybe you might want to ask the good people of the vespa club. Plenty of experienced vespa riders there! 🙂


    Yes, I kept my uniforms from secondary to my Jurong Institute days. Its a pity I never kept my primary and kindergarden. My kindergarden one was a blue pinafore with a red tie. It was so cute. You can never find those kind of uniforms anymore :

    Of course, I cant wear them anymore. Its too small and its not just my posterior that is getting big 😛

    Actually the outfit was very loose in my secondary school days. Its quite snug now, but still wearable.

  7. Chuwen

    Actually I didnt tell them that I was going for riding lessons. I just went on my own accord. I think if you really want to do something, you should go for it, as long as it is legitimate.

    My mum was understanding enough to know that I needed an alternative way of transportation instead of relying on public transportation. 🙂

  8. Let’s hear it for Sir Robert Baden-Powell. heh heh

    I was in the Boy Scouts of America for ten years and achieved my Eagle Scout rank.

    American culture is quickly eroding away and we’re quickly becoming a nation of disconnected morons — but that’s okay, I find great solace in your blog — in my mind I live in Singapore.

    Thinking Day! — I love it. We could use 365 of those every year over here.

  9. Shane

    I just did a search on google about the Eagle Scout rank. Oh my. 21 merit badges! Thats impressive Shane! Go bro! 😀

    I’ve seen from Penn and Teller’s show that they believe that scouting is nothing more than a cult. Maybe it is? And maybe the skills that is learnt is obsolete and not necessary in today’s age and time. Perhaps its even judgemental to people of a certain lifestyle.

    Its such a crying shame really. I really did have fun in guiding and I know many others that feels the same way about it too.

  10. Zana

    Oh my gosh, I do remember you! Energetic, sweet, cheerful zana 🙂 You did so much at BVSS girl guides, I still can remember you when we were playing one of those leadership games outside the guides room.

    Did you know that the open space outside the guides room is now converted into a classroom? You wouldnt be able to recognize the school if you seen it. So much has changed there. (Relieved there for a few months in 2004)

    Oh my gosh. How are you? Its so great to hear from you!

  11. hehehe kak, yes.. i knew that that space became a classroom… i havent been there for quite sometime as most of the teachers that taught me were no longer there!

    i’m getting on fine.. married.. with a daughter who’s turning 4 this june…

    you can find me at http://zanain.blogspot.com

    but now quite busy.. seldom update my blog… or if you have a multiply account.. can become my contact as most of my photos in my multiply… http://lervme.multiply.com

    take care!

  12. kak, forget to let you know.. remember marlena torkis? she’s now my biras.. as in she married my husband’s youngest bro… maybe 3 of us shd meet up one day!

  13. Zana

    wow, a 4 year old daugher already!

    And wow! Marlena married your husbands youngest brother!

    Yes! Would most certainly love to meet up with the both of you :):)

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