Girdles are an instrument of a woman’s torture

I usually wear a pair of trousers when I ride on my scooter. But I’m more of a skirt person. I’ve always worn and feel comfortable wearing skirts since for a very long time since skirts fit me better than pants.

Now the front of a Vespa has an open area for the rider to rest their legs together, which makes it suitable for lady riders in skirts. There are even some ladies who are comfortable while riding their scooters in extremely short skirts.

picture of a crazy woman

People around me would always comment, “Aren’t you scared of wearing skirts?” But so far, days has passed by without anything out of the ordinary happening.

Till one day while I was riding along path to the car-park when a sudden gust of wind blew my skirt up. I could not slow down to pull it down. How embarassing! But I feel more sorry for the astonished uncle whom was unfortunately nearby. His face turned a shade darker and then he looked straight down for the rest of his journey – I think he was more embarrassed by it than I was!

But people learn from mistakes. I told myself that the next time that I wear dresses or skirts, I’ll wear a pair of tights underneath.

I chanced upon this pair of tights while walking in Sim Lim Square the other day:

oink oink

The lady manning the store said that wearing a pair would allow someone to burn more calories as opposed to not wearing it. Wow, I thought to myself. 2 in 1! I could have a pair of tights, *and* lose weight at the same time.

The next morning, it took me a good 5 minutes just struggling to put it on. When I was done, the tights clung tenaciously. It wasn’t painful, just a bit uncomfortable and I passed through the entire day with it on.

So lets see. I had it on from 8 am – 6 pm. So that’s 10 hours.

10 x 430 = 4300 calories. I burned 4300 calories! Hooray!

But wait a minute, I still feel the same. I still look the same. I’m not even tired. Most importantly, why am I’m not dead yet? A typical person would burn 2500 calories a day. Too many calories burnt would mean severe exhaustion.

Perhaps I need to wear it long term. But I can’t as the pair of tights wasn’t as strong as I expected and got ripped on the very first day I got it.

So I hunted for another pair of tights. A knee high one this time. After searching unsuccessfully in the entire mall for a pair, I stopped by Minoshe, one of my favourite lingerie shops. I examined and flipped through the rows of black and browns.

“Ooh, this isn’t exactly what I wanted but this will do fine, I think. What is it?”

This is a girdle“, The shop assistant answered.


“A girdle is a pair of underwear which you put on to lift your butt and tuck in your tummy”.


“We have two types here. A hard one made of wire and plastic. And the soft one, made of elastic and rubber. The hard one tucks in more, but it’s uncomfortable. The soft one is more comfortable, but it doesnt tuck in as much”


“Why dont you get one and try out?”


Wearing them makes me more self confident while riding my scooter in skirts. I dont worry so much when the wind blows. It looks like I’m wearing a pair of knee high tights.

But one thing is, I dont think it really does tuck in all that much.

Jennifer Lopez will be jealous of me

Looks pretty much the same to me.

8 Replies to “Girdles are an instrument of a woman’s torture”

  1. Hi,
    I chanced upon your blog on the Friendster’s account. Being a person who would be joining the teaching profession and hopefully being able to teach humanities in the near future and a “vain” lady myself, my mom bought me two girdles, actually it was hers, she bought them and never used it so handling down to me, I honestly feel it doesn’t work.. Been wearing them for quite a while and my tummy’s size is still the same. =(

  2. Lakeside Girl

    Even Jennifer Lopez is jealous of my posterior 😛

    Stellar Epin

    Yes, I was walking outside, this shop selling mp3 players (the opposite corner of the magazine stall) and there is this feminine pinkly Japanese beauty shop, it was so odd seeing it among all the electrical gadgets.


    Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Are you using the hard one or the soft one? I’m using the soft one. The hard one was mezmerizing to me, but for 40 dollars each, I was hesitant to get one. It looked like a corset for the butt 😐

    Your tummy is still the same? Aww 🙁 Thats a bummer!

  3. Hi, I got the soft ones. Yea, I have seen the hard ones as well, and yes they’re very ex!! =p Yea, hence I’ve resorted to doing the crunches and sit-ups.

  4. Mizz

    I really dont see the difference! Well if you want one, minoshe sells them for 19.90 each, the soft ones.

    I’ll still wear them when I wear skirts, but honestly I dont see such a noticable difference.


    Wow, you still have the tenacity to do crunches and sit ups! *salutes!* I’m too motivationally challenged to do that 😛

    Uncha Sha

    Thanks, I think 😛

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