The days my dearest visited part 4 – Visiting Sentosa

Another view from the Bed and Breakfast

Friday. For the first time in weeks, the rain stopped pouring down and we finally had our respite and first sunny day!

I decided to bring Cartcart the Sentosa Island. It was easy getting there, just one train stop away to get to harbour-front and then we could get a choice of taking the ferry or the cable car. We took the cable car as it gives a nice and picturesque view from the top.

There were loads of people queueing there too! They must be the same as us, enjoying the nice sunny day.

There were so many people of different nationalities here. I could see Indians, Filipinos, Indonesians, Japanese, Americans and loads more.

Soon after, we entered an cable car which we shared with a nice Indian family and we enjoyed the sights from up above. I pointed to Cart the ferry terminal hall and the new train service that will soon be in operation as well as Pulau Brani where much industrial work happens.

A quick stop to have coffee at one of the cafe. We sat on top of a plank which was high on top of a hill where we could see much trees and the industrial island in front of us. It was such a lovely day. Though, cloudy, it was relatively cool and had no trace of rain.

There were little feathered friends like Peacocks and Mynah birds walking around and I was quite surprised to see them being so unafraid of humans. Why didn’t they fly away when we walked closely to them? But Cartcart said that they are scavengers and are so used to human presence that they aren’t afraid any more.

Something made me glad was that the place where we had our coffee, employed handicapped staff and I noticed some deaf staff communicating through sign language as they cleared some tables and chairs.

Our first stop was the “Images of Singapore” exhibition where we could see the development of Singapore from the 1700 to the present day. It has been a while since I’ve seen the exhibition and I was quite pleased to see that the place has been expanded, it was bigger and had more exhibits inside.

A scene during the signing of the treaty by Tengku Hussein and Sir Stamford Raffles

An Indian fortune teller – the parrot is supposed to pick a card to tell my fortune.

My new boyfriend. See how happy he looks! Haha!

I use Fab! To get my clothes white and clean!

I found it very enjoyable. I do like seeing historical things, especially being presented this way. Through the exhibits we saw different customs and traditions as well as significant dates throughout the years.

There was even a very funny scene that happened to us – while walking about the Malay exhibit, I pointed to Cartcart on the shape of the house as well as the roof when all of a sudden, something that we thought was a statue initially came to life and jumped in

Boy: Yes! This is a traditional Malay house and inside, they are playing a favourite pastime – checkers!

Cart: But you’re wearing Chinese clothes!

Boy: Yes! I am visiting my Malay friends!

The conversation was so weird that it was humorous 🙂

Next stop was at the underwater world. Again, it was much different compared to the last time I went there. I liked it. This time, the exhibition was categorized in different types of sea creatures. And we saw many denizens of the sea – some odd looking, some humorously huge and some extremely colourful ones.

This crab is as big as me!

But I think the highlight of the underwater world was when we were in the conveyor and felt as if we were submerged underwater.

It was very very cool.

We had dinner at a cafe in Vivo City. I hoped that Cartcart would like eating here since I did enjoy the food at one of their branch at Bugis.

So Cartcart? Upon 10, how much does this arrabbiata rate?


Only 4? That’s a fail!

It’s not al-dente and it just doesn’t taste right.

Wow, high standards! And I haven’t brought him to pizza hut yet 😛

(To be continued)

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  1. wahhhh, looks like u guys had fun! 😀 but errr, i think he wldn’t be able to stomach the food at pizza hut. the standard has dropped a lot these days; unbelievable, considering that it wasn’t awesome to begin with. heh. 😛

    glad to see that he likes the local food tho. 😉

  2. Clare, the prettier the more vicious? No wonder I’m non vicious 😉 No so much vicious anyway … hehehe

    myztika, yes, so far one of his favourites is begedel, the potato dumplings. I love them too, just abit of a hassle to make 😛 Boiling the potato, then smashing it, then adding the flavouring, and then shaping it, and then cover with egg and then frying … 😐

    I dont really mind pizza hut, but I just dont like the thick crust, its more like bread than pizza to me 😐

    Cartcart’s mouth is a whole lot more nicer than ronald’s nana 😛

    Red shoes cartcart? Red crocs would be perfect! 😛

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