Interesting adverts

There are loads of interesting and funny ads out there. Like this website which features loads of facinating print ads around the world.

There are also heaps of them in youtube too – some of them like this very cute calbee commercial, Smooth E facial wash advert, cheers ad and exercise ad

But I think this Cod Roe Pasta Sauce commercial takes the cake

I know some people find it a little freaky, with the kewpie dolls in a red cod roe suit jumping, the mouth of the girl agape ala ‘The Ring’ but the music is really catchy and so hypnotic that I can spend hours just listening to it. And I think you’ll be hypnotised too.

You could hear the full song here, another tarako ad here, and yet another tarako ad here

A sunshine bread van in the parking lot
Spotted this bread van in a parking lot – cool yeah?

Whats the most interesting advert that you’ve seen?

6 Replies to “Interesting adverts”

  1. Yes, I do enjoy the petronas advertisment when Hari Raya comes – the one with the grandchild asking their parents about the plastic plates was especially touching. Felt like crying 😐

  2. Hey marina, I was just telling my friend about how cute this sunshine bread van is. Did a search for its image online and the first pic that popped up was yours, with a direct link to your blog.

    Omg, its like wow!! i know this person!! The web-world is getting smaller as the days pass.

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