Reunited with my beloved scooter!

And it feels so good!

After days of anticipation, the works was done and I rushed down to Asphoon at Toh Guan to see my scooter. Looking at it, you could not tell that it fell down at all. The place where the dent used to be, was completely smooth and the paintjob was well done.

I couldn’t wait to ride it again!

Oh to finally glide down the roads again with the wind in my face. The feeling, is priceless I tell you. The famous scene of Jack and Rose from Titanic? That’s nothing, this is the real deal!

My baby and me! Together again! We must never be separated πŸ˜€

By the way, I found this cutie in front of the workshop looking for a new owner.

Its a FY plate, so its about 2 years old, and has run for 37K clicks. Its a little scratched, and I noticed that the box was slightly cracked. But everything else is in pretty good condition.

Interested? Its currently at Asphoon, Toh Guan Branch, Tel: 6515 0770

4 Replies to “Reunited with my beloved scooter!”

  1. Yay! Glad to hear you are reunited and that all is well with the scooter.

    Love the colour of the Vespa for sale. Oh, makes me want to buy one… but unfortunately Dubai roads are too dangerous to be riding a scooter in my opinion… πŸ™

  2. yeaa u got ur ride back

    vespa n scooter are fun rides. the more the quirk the color, the more character it has. if i have one, i’ll splash a rainbow of colors to it.. hehe

  3. gypsy girl,

    Yeah! I’m so happy! Words cant express the feeling that I had when I had my scooter back. I’m like a doting mother watching over my sick baby πŸ˜›

    Yes, I do love the colour too, in fact, that’s not the original colour made by vespa for that series. I’m sure the previous owner had it specially spray painted. I think the scooter will find a new owner quite soon.

    Dubai roads are dangerous? Oh! Better not get the scooter then. Or maybe you could try going to somewhere less dense to practise before going to the main roads. πŸ™‚


    What colour is your type? πŸ˜› Hehehe


    Woah rainbow! That’s cool! I’ve never seen a rainbow vespa before on the singaporea roads.

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