New blog!

Its been quite a transition, with my original blogger blog for the past 2 and a half years. I present to you, the new home for Marina’s Bloggariffic!

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  1. hei dere…

    im zura… stil rmmbr me?? frm pizzahut centrepoint… hehez… juz droppin by 2 check out ur bloggy… hahax… btw… wanna ask u abt ur job offer… hmm… is ur company lookin 4 part-timer or temporary?? emel me ya… at… thx… c ya real soon…

  2. Whoa, you gave me a scare, Marina. I thought you were quitting blogging for good. Glad you’re not, whew. Hey, great new look, I’m lovin’ it.

    Looks like you got your migration to WordPress nicely done, and with comments too, wow, I’m impressed ;). I’m thinking of moving to my own domain soon. Can I seek your advice on how to move from Blogger beta when the time comes? I actually thought comments couldn’t be moved.

  3. oh my…moved wordpress now haven’t u? *sigh* I’ve also actually already downloaded wordpress but don’t have time to figure it out yet! Bz doin a crash course in creating blogskins..haha! I’m so bad at all this..

  4. Clair, lol. I’m such a minx arent I 😛

    The migration to wordpress was so much easier with a script which was done by this guy over at the wordpress support forum

    It was so easy compared to the steps which I tried using previously. Give it a try 🙂


    Yeah! WordPress! I’ve always wanted to give it a try. There’s a free one from but that one doesnt allow much configuration. Actually blogger is so much easier to use and customize. WordPress needs a heck load of skills which I am not that good yet.

    Good luck in your blogskins course 🙂 You can do it!


    Yeah! I’m lovin it! 😛

  5. gosh! i really thought u were gonna quit blogging, hehehe. gave me a scare for a while there. 😛

    cool… hope ur new blog’s as good as the old one! :D:D

  6. myztika,

    Hehehe … I’m so bad 🙂 I hope this blog would be as good as the old one too! :D:D Will take a while for the page rank to get up, but it will get there in time 🙂

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