Being pretty in rainy days

RinazMsn: A common malay greeting is “Apa Khabar”

CartMsn: What does it mean?

RinazMsn: Apa means what, and khabar means news.

CartMsn: Oh! Apa khabar means Whasssaapppppppppppp!!

Initially, Mum and me were supposed to go to Bugis and then head to my grandmother’s house yesterday. The plan was to use the scooter as it would be faster. Unfortunately for us, it rained the entire day. The skies did not even seem to want to clear up in the evening when I came back from my training.

Mass media said that it was the worse rainfall in the span of 75 years. There were even flooding in certain areas in Singapore – some were even up to their waistlines. (But I really pity those who live in Malaysia, here the floods are up to their roof!)

In the end, mum and I decided to take public transportation instead. I noticed the bus driver driving slowly and carefully over the damp roads and stared out of the window of the train as the water droplets streamed down steadily from the dark and grey skies.

We reached Bugis and headed to Teng Joo, the shop that we frequently go to, to purchase material for our clothes. Last weekend, I went to Bugis to try to purchase the materials on my own. Then I realise how overwhelming it was. It isnt the same as going to a clothes shop with ready made dresses. There were so many terms that I wasnt familliar with. Chiffon? Georgette? Linen? 60cm? 90cm? It was really over my head.

That was why I asked mum to come along with me. Mum is a very experienced seamstress and my personal consultant. I felt more confident with her around in the maze of clothes bales as she expertly negotiated with the shopkeeper.

How much is this?

$7 per meter

Give me $6 per meter

What? Cannot lah, we wont make any profit that way. I give you discount. $6.50, can?

Come on, I’ve been such a loyal customer. I always come here. Give me $6 per meter.

Ok, ok!

I dont think I have mum’s oratorical power yet. In time I’ll soon inherit it, I hope.

We bought some lovely organza cloth for our matching hari raya outfit next year and I bought some shantung cloth in green for cartcart and me to wear. But I’m not sure if it will be completed in time. The trouble with being a seamstress’s daughter is that we always get our outfit the last 😐

Just as we were about to leave, my eyes noticed something shimmering at the corner and there, lied a bale of the prettiest cloth I’ve seen. I’m not too sure what material it was, but it was soft and had small shimmery dots. Oh it looked so classy, glamourous and royale.

I’d like to have it made into this style, the dress that I fell in love with last week while walking at Shaw towers.

Isnt it gorgeous? But I’m sure it was pricey. I didnt see the price, but did noticed the price of the shirt behind it. It was $60. I’d approximate that, that dress would cost 3 times more. But I do love the design, the pattern and how elegant it was.

I should learn how to make my own dresses. At the moment, I’m only limited to the rudimentary sewing skills that I’ve learnt in secondary school.

We didnt have time to go to grandmother’s as it was drawing late. It was still raining heavily our entire journey home. Thank goodness we didnt take the scooter. I’d be cold and wet and miserable throughout. Mum would be double that, since she cant take coldness as well.

The weather has been crazy isnt it? Just a couple of months ago it was the haze, and the months before that was the heatwave.

Whats the weather like for you?

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  1. Hi Rinaz!

    I love the style of that dress as well!

    Can’t believe it’s flooding over there – the weather has definitely gone strange this year. Usually Dubai gets about a week of rain and while it’s around this time of the year… it’s been extremely wet with lots of rain and overcast weather! Craziness…

  2. Yes, I really cant wait for it to be completed, it will be so royale I tell you, it’ll be stunning!

    Maybe I could be crazy enough to walk with my tiara in the public 😛

    Thankfully the rain has subsided just a little bit for now, at least it stopped long enough for me to get home safely. That accident in the carpark is really no fun …

    Rain is nice in small doses, its cooling, and refreshing, but in big bits, its extremely scary 😐

  3. Whasssuuup! LOL! Great job Rinaz! U really shud teach him the street lingo…apa khabar is jus too wordy 4 him. U shud him 2 say things like..”Amaciaaam!” or “Puasaaati ah!” or “tak aci ah beb!” LOL! omg I jus have to teach cart a thing or two…HAHAHAHA!*evil laugh*

  4. Bex,

    To what I see, london is foggy 🙁 Cart seems to be stranded at heathrow and I pity him. Its no fun being stuck in the airport! I’d be miserable in the cold … winter bleh!

    But have a good xmas bex 🙂 And have a wonderful icklebug eve!


    Haha … I think my mum would pass out if he says that … 😛 I’m quite interested to see how you’d teach him 😛 If you are successful or not 😛

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