Better than plastic surgeons

After going with the same look for some while now, I was ready to try something new. I went to search for suitable skins for my secondlife avatar and I stumbled upon Maximillion Grant’s designs. It was love at first sight.

If my avatar looked good before … It looks great now!

Even cartcart decided to get a new skin for himself too. Aren’t we a good looking couple? πŸ˜›

Speaking of avatars, there are loads of different looks in secondlife – the zany looking ones, the goddesses, the goths, the furries, to name a few.

Some may choose to design their avatars exactly as how they look like in real life. While there are some who design it to look as how they dream to be.

And there are those which doesn’t seem to fit in any category at all.

But the wonderful thing about avatars is that one can customise it however they like and start all over again if they aren’t happy with it.

To me, avatars, the same goes with 3D houses, are a reflection of a person’s personality. To see that there are so many different types of avatars make me feel heartened to see such a diverse community where people can share ideas, thoughts and emotions.

It’s truly fascinating.

6 Replies to “Better than plastic surgeons”

  1. I like ..

    But the shirt totally aren’t the same .

    The hair do .

    The glasses .

    WAIT! What glasses?

    The jeans obviously don’t match ..

    And . The high cheek bones . SL Rinaz so TOTALLY doesn’t have any .

    Big whoop . πŸ™‚

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