Hazy days are here again

You can smell the distinct smell of burning in the air.

There was a thick haze over the skyline. The large green fields, the lakeside was covered in a grey mist.

Roads that I used to be able to see from a distance is now enshrouded in grey clouds.

Today is the worst that I’ve seen so far.

Pity those who had to work in the outdoors.

4 Replies to “Hazy days are here again”

  1. Yes it was the worst so far! And i heard comforting news that the PSI has lowered yesterday.. What a bummer to realise how wrong it was when i went to work in the morning!

    And not to mention i’ve been falling sick recently.. 🙁

    You better take care babe and drink lotsa water too..

  2. Lakeside girl : I dont think the PSI is lowering, it looks even worse than before, its now saturday and the stadium is completely covered in haze 😐

    Aww you poor thing, eat more vitamin c! At the moment I’m using redoxon and I think its helping my immune system a little 🙂

    As for drinking water … I’m fasting … hehehehe

    raimie : yes, alot of people are sick now … I’m sorry to hear your friend’s daughter getting sick … its not the funnest thing to be 🙁

    Hiya chicprincess 🙂 What do you mean by not blaming the weather?

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