A Hindu Temple at Jurong East

I was riding to work today and stopped by the road to take some shots of the school building.

The school building was next to the hindu temple. I pass by this temple almost everyday and yet this was the first time that I ever saw it up close.

It was rather magnificent in its golden glory. And I paused to see each statue decorating the façade. The caretaker was right next to me.

me : Hi! Can I take a picture?

caretaker : Hallo! You want to take a picture? Take the entry, its nice.

me : Thank you!

caretaker : This area where you are at, is the common hall, this is where we do functions and mass prayers.

me : Oh! Can I go in? I’m not Hindu though.

caretaker : Sure! Our temple is open to any races any religion and any beliefs. You should have come here last month. We had a fire walking ceremony.

There are so many beautiful and interesting things around us. But in this mad rush, Sometimes we miss them on our rush to our destination. We’re going so fast that we hardly have the time to appreciate them.

Maybe its time to slow down.

8 Replies to “A Hindu Temple at Jurong East”

  1. Handcrafted on the spot? I didnt know that! Impressive!

    Yes, I remember that it did took a very long time to be completed. It started off as wooden temple and it stayed that way for several years, if I’m not wrong.

    Where’s your house raimie? 😛

  2. Hi Marina, I love the photos on your blog they are fantastic!

    I’m glad you like my sunset photos! I love taking photos of sunsets thats probably why I have so many sunset photos!

  3. marinaz!
    i remember passin by[in a car ride] tis temple last yr in june/july bt it was @ nite n it was GLEAMIN !!!!!!!!!

    i wanted to c hw it luks in daylight bt somehw tat tot never gt into action
    thx 4 tis postin e pics up!!!!!!!!!!

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