Beware the rubber band

11 Replies to “Beware the rubber band”

  1. Raimie : I tell you, I was really very shocked when I saw the sillicon piece when I opened the rubber band.

    I never expected it.

    You know how alot of email spam turns out to be fake?

    This is amazing.

    Ghone : Oh yes, very odd! Unexpectedly shocking!

  2. Miza : I didnt expect any sillicone out of the rubber band, so imagine my disgust … :

    I do use elastic bands for my hair. I like having black bands on my hands. Its my ‘thing’ hehe.

    But the shape of the rubber band alone is quite doubtful.

    Sepit is very troublesome for biker chicks leh …

    Hey hey lakeside girl! *hugs!* Was wondering where you’ve been! I’ll update my blog 🙂

  3. Aw come on! I didnt do much editing on that video. It was live, and took one take.

    Anyways, I’m really curious to know about this elastic hair-bands

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