I’m sick again!

I feel miserable and lonely and feeling lousy and in dire need of a cuddle … 🙁

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  1. Hiya lakeside girl! Its been a while, where have you been? And what happened to your blog? I was just happily clicking and saw the 404 … :

    The categories are thanks to the new blogger beta function that allows me to create categories to my post and it will automatically add to the list. Go on and try it, its really nifty. :]

    Nanaaaaaa I think so too, I want to buy a mask from the pharmacy and see how it goes from there. What do you think?

    Gypsy girl, ecinachea? I’ll keep that in mind, at the moment, I’m doubling up my dose of vitamin C :]

    Its coool, one of those effervescent tablets that fizzles in water … hehe!

    Hugs to cartcart :]

  2. woah, that’s a huge arsenal of medication! poor gal, hope u’re well by now?

    if not, hope u get well soon!! 🙂 dun wanna u to miss out on all the good food u can find during the puasa month! =p

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