Marry? Me?

My cousin Sheeda and her new husband came over today, along with her mum and dad. It was a Malay custom to visit their relatives after their wedding.

All the afternoon, my family and I poured over the beautiful wedding pictures and wedding videos that they brought along with them.

Such a beautiful couple.

With that in mind, many well meaning people tend to ask me, when would I be getting married.

I really dont know.

To me marriage is something sacred. Marriage isnt just about cohabitation. Its about making a promise to each other. A vow between two people to care, to protect and to love each other.

When I get married, if God willing, it is forever. Marriage is a serious sanction. I wouldnt want to have my vows crumble in 10 years? 5 years? A year? Even less?

People who get hitched in the spur of the moment wake up to their partners, and finding that they have ‘compatability issues’ as well as ‘irreconciliable differences’

Do I want to risk that? No

Do I want to get married? Of course

I’d like to take care of my partner. I’d like to have children too.

But at the same time, I’d like my partner to know and understand where I’m coming from, my beliefs and my ideas while I try to share his before we jump into matrimony.

Do you really want me and my future partner to be in a marriage that we’d be unhappy in?

Marriage – Its not that simple.

5 Replies to “Marry? Me?”

  1. Sounds like a proposal to me… well, not to ME, although I can understand that..

    But I mean, you are getting married!? (Completely ignoring the actual content of the article and just trying to get an invite to the big day itself, and other selfish reasons for my comments)

    Nobody would wish you stuck in a marriage you didn’t like, so I hope the chap is a nice one.

    I am sure you have lots of them lining up, and you are fighting them off with a long pointy stick.

  2. Hi Krysss, no, I’m not getting married yet! (But of course you’ll be invited to our future wedding … well, not OUR wedding, although I can undertand that 😉

  3. Then again… You could end up married after ten years, still gloriously happy happy and still married after 5 weeks of dating like I did… there are always guidelines- and those that think outside the box 🙂
    Best of luck to ya!

  4. I think thinking outside the box doesnt apply for some cases – not everyone is blessed to have partners in the same geographical location and same mystical beliefs … But thanks for the best wishes 🙂 Congratulations for being happily married for ten years and more!

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