Excel Fest 2006

Went to the Excel fest yesterday. The excel fest is a sort of sharing session to showcase the practises that teachers use for their teaching of students. It was my first time attending to these type of exhibition.

The school that I was attached to, Shuqun Secondary School was showcasing two displays. I came along to help out with the photography as well as videography.

We reached Nan Hua High School in the afternoon and the kids I brought along, Jean, Jeerin as well as Cecilia, were impressed with the size of the school and they started comparing the the school with Shuqun.

It was already quite crowded with people, mainly with teachers from other schools who were participating in the workshops conducted.

We started to walk around the school to look at some of the activities.

It was rather interesting for me to see the roles being reversed, teachers being the students at the desks.

This was a workshop that showed the Using of CMS (remote control appliance to answer questions) to conduct classes in a more interactive way.

This was a re-enaction of a class where the students are encouraged to discuss with their classmates for their lessons while the teacher guides.

As well as a sharing session where the students will have to learn how to distinguish between what is the truth or false in the example of advertisments.

I even saw Ms Ong, a teacher from West Spring, a school where I was attached to previously. Here she’s doing experiments using DNA (if I’m not wrong)

One of the workshop that I liked was the voice projection workshop conducted by the drama students of a local junior college. I was tickled to see their unique way of emoting, like putting a sad face to sing Edelwise really loudly. They reasoned that it was because when you are sad, you tend to wail really loudly, which is the basis of voice projection.

It was an interesting experience, because it surrounded by mainly teachers. You could see and observe the way they act and interact with each other.

They were orderly and civil. During the break time, there were refreshments in the canteen. There were about 200 people there and yet there were no jostling, no pushing and no shouting. Compare that to the typical buffet in the public – You’d have to shove and push and scream before you could reach the already crowded buffet table.

Even the students at Nan Hua were so adorable. Every female students with long hair are required to tie their hair in two pigtails. I thought that they looked super cute.

But eh? Whats going on here?

Looks like a few students are quite shy and didn’t like being photographed. Poor kids. Too bad for them for my kids can get rather persistent. It was still funny anyway, with them trying to cover their face and facing the wall, like that.

My kids can get weird too, surveying toilets as well as taking pictures and videotaping the toilets.


All in all, It was a really nice display, if I knew about it sooner, I would have signed my parents up. I’m sure that my mum would enjoy these type of workshop. But because of the size of the school, it was difficult to see all of the display.

Maybe I could go there as part of the public, next year 🙂

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  1. I think the public still need to register for the workshops right? I remember having to print out some forms for the vice principal for the parents to attend these saturday workshops

  2. hey de tanglin students girl at de centre was my student! CMS thingy u went for was held by my fren Hidaya who happens to be Mardiana’s fren. Shes de one tht matchmake me n her for de trip *bluekk* (stil reeling over de trip)

  3. OOooh I didnt know you were at Tanglin Secondary before 🙂 I only went in the workshop casually though and didnt noticed much the lady who was conducting it. But You still enjoyed the trip right? 🙂

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