After the dream

Its been a week since I’ve left Italy.

I miss him desperately. Even more so compared to last year. Every now and then, I tear up during sudden flash back moments. Its really painful. Never imagined that emotions could have such a deep effect like this.

I’m not entirely sure how this story will end. Neither am I sure how the journey goes either.

But lets see how the story unfolds and then pray, and hope that there’s a happily ever after.

10 Replies to “After the dream”

  1. We can be far in space, but i’ll always be with you.


    PS: I am sure you photoshopped my face to make it look better 😛

  2. i see you both look so happy together 😉

    its gonna be “they live happily ever after…” hehehe..

    oh! some 12 years ago, it took me exactly 1 year to get my licence, from the day I took the high code and to the day I passed. macam best banget sih!

  3. What are you talking about dearest, you always look good! 🙂

    Waah pnii, Hangat macam pisang goreng! Seronoknya bila boleh main keta-keta 😀

  4. I think you look good in that picture. Didn’t notice before that you have two cute crooked teeth. Ppl with crooked teeth looks adorable eg. jewel, fadillah (skrin), many more lah.

    Too bad my crooked teeth are not visible. Grr.

  5. Uh … I dont really like my two front teeth to be honest but I’m too poor (and too old!) to be wearing braces now.

    Cute? *faints*

  6. Red : He does look smaller doesnt he? Cyber fairy tale? I hope it ends happily 🙂

    Myztika : Thanks 🙂 I hope so too

    Crystal : I really really hope so 🙂

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