Today is 06.06.06

No one got bitten by the vampires. The devil didn’t rise. No one here was burned at the stake. There was no mass hysteria and pandemonium.

But somewhere out there, in a Singaporean Junior College, there was a Mr S.A. Tan who gave a killer general paper during remedial lesons.

I wonder if he was full of devlish glee.

I did, however had a devlishly good dinner today at the newly opened ZingDo restaurant situated in the Jurong Entertainment Center

Wanting to try something new, I stopped by the Korean based restaurant and under the recommendation of the working crew, I ordered the Bulgogi Chicken with Rice and Kimchi Soup.

It was a hotplate. It arrived sizzling hot and I had to move the meat and vegetables about quickly to allow it to cook. It took no time at all and soon I was tucking in the delightful meal.

The vegetables were fresh, the meat juicy, the soup was a myriad of tastes. I was a very happy and satisfied girl at the end of the whole course πŸ˜‰

I want to go again!

8 Replies to “06.06.06”

  1. Hi Mari πŸ™‚ The vid in the previous entry? Nothing to understand, he doesnt make any sense but he’s funny!

    This heat is making me smell like a wet dog, a HOT dog!
    I dont even know what a hot dog smells like
    Actually I DO know what a hot dog smells like
    And I like it with mustard, and ketchup

    Hahahaha! Classic!

    Hi Krysss, yes, my dad πŸ˜‰

    Hi Miza, people getting married on this day? Its a very significant number I guess. Does that mean that I have to wait for next year to get married with the lucky number 070707? Hmmm!!! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks anon! πŸ˜‰ Not my devil, but he’s cute, yeah!

    Bt : Nothing happening is a bad news week? What would entail a good news week then 😐

    Raimie : Mmmmmm ooooh ahhhhh! Oh yeah, did you realise that Zingdo is a subsidiary of Seoul Garden? I didnt know that until I went to the website. Actually Seoul garden isnt a place I’d like to go – I dont like their shifty marketing practices – its unethical 😐

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