The beautiful face

According to research as shown from ‘The human face‘, a beautiful face constitutes to a face that is symmetrical.

Yoanna House, winner of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2

I, on the other hand, do not have a symmetrical face.

I’ve had a wonky eye since birth

But on the other hand, I think I look freaky if I were to look like this :

or this :

So what exactly constitutes to someone being physically attractive?

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  1. Red, I know I am a clown and I look funny 😛

    Mommy on the verge : Hi 🙂 Yes, character does contribute to a large part of a person’s attractiveness. I agree.

    For physical attractiveness, on the other hand, could be subjective. Some people like symmetry, some people dont. Some people find that a people find beauty in physical imperfections, like the gap in the teeth, the freckles, and skin pigmentations, like the mole.

    Sometimes symmetry doesnt really equate to beauty.

  2. Oh, and you forgot about the beauty ratio. 1:1.16! For e.g., if the length of your eye is 1 cm, your eyebrow has to be 1.16cm; or the bridge of your nose is 1.16 the width of your nose. Tom Cruise’s features apparently is perfect according to this ratio. I think the other person to be perfect with the ratio is Elizabeth Hurley.

  3. Xed : Not that tilted 😛 Anyways, I dont have that beauty ratio. 1:1.16 … maths again. Annoying maths is out to haunt me. Arghh! I do not find Tom Cruise good looking (even if he has the proportions) He’s just too freaky! 😮 Even Kate Moss. Beauty is really subjective.

    Slither : Yeah, those are freaky! Maybe I’ll be a supermodel if I looked like that!

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