Pointless Post

Caprese is one of the easiest thing you can make when you’re in a hurry and want to have something light.

All it takes is some sliced mozarella cheese and tomatoes and you’re done. You could add a bit of olive oil, basil leaves and a sprinkle of pepper if you want. I’m surprised at how much I like this dish.

And if there are excess caprese left over, put it on top of a piece of bread and it can be used for a quick and easy pizza!

Recently, in the middle of night class I would be moaning for all sorts of foods to eat.

While writing our assignments or during our discussions, my train of thoughts would flow from sushi, to chicken rice, to fishball noodles.

Its probably one of the effects due to stress making me have the urge to stuff myself to numb the stressed out feeling. After filling myself with food, I will be fine again momentarily.

Its extremely unhealthy though. Many of my clothes dont fit well as a result of my months of binge-ing.

I find it most odd that I could control myself during the fasting month and yet be such a glutton as soon as the month is over.

Oh gosh. Now I’m hungry again.

Must … resist … temptation …. to binge ….

7 Replies to “Pointless Post”

  1. I dont know if its fattening. But bread and pasta has loads of carbo … and everyone knows that too much carbo can make a person gain weight easily …

    And yeah, the cheese is a tad chunky, the tomato too, hehe, it was my first time making the caprese, but I’ve learnt and after that, I’ve learnt to slice it a little thinner 😉

  2. Hiya blage 🙂 You’re gonna have a lovely appetizer tonight I’m sure! I didnt know mozzarella has less fat, all the better for me 😉

    Hiya orikinla 🙂 Mouth watering, yes, and oh so easy to make 🙂

  3. oooohh…the moza & tomatoes really look so sedapp!!! must try!

    this one reminds me of your capsicum & cheese (i think theres mushroom eh?) over a toast right!? and that one was so heavenly delicious ah…

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