Jurong Constituency VIP Luncheon

Fazna is an ex classmate of mine from Jurong Institute. It has been a long time since I’ve seen her ever since she left for UK. She stopped by in Singapore for a while and we visited her place yesterday to see how she was doing.

Her daughers are getting so much bigger. Her first daughter was just an infant the last time I saw her. And now, she already has a younger sister!

Thats chocolate on her by the way, not poo

She is so adorable! She the way she smiles is so heartwarming. Makes me wish I had a child of my own. But that could be just my womanly biological clock asking :

I wonder how my kids will look like.

I wonder if I ever will get married.

I wonder …?

Mum is a volunteer for the women’s wing in the Jurong constituency and invited my father and me for a VIP luncheon organised by the community centre.

Today was the day after the results of the polling for the general elections were announced with the People’s Action Party attaining 82 seats over 84.

Many thoughts come into my head about the results as I enjoyed the food.

And what do I think about the elections?

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  1. A shotgun? That might work, maybe :]

    The unknown : I probably eat myself too if I were made of chocolate 🙂 At least then we wouldnt need to worry about the problems of gaining weight!

  2. If you were made of chocolate..ummm hmmm I think id leave you in the back seat of my car and the sun would melt you into a glob… again. :'( MY POOR CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!! I hate when i do that!

  3. Go ahead and eat me cartcart 😉


    Anon, thats very ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ – There’s a scene where there was a prince who wanted a chocolate palace, but it melted before he had a chance to live in it. Well, it would help if his country was a cooler country to live in.

  4. Gosh, both of you and your chocolate flirtaion….ok let’s go back to the original picture here, the chocolate was on the girl’s leg. let’s not corrupt it into adulterated flirting comments k…

  5. You refering to me? What you talking bout? I actually left a box of chocolates in the back seat and it melted into a glob. Don’t see any innuendo in that.

  6. Slither: But whats wrong with some harmless adulterated flirting? 😉

    I love chocolate. Chocolate loves me. There’s nothing to divide between us!


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