It shuts down by itself

Oh bother!

Computer problems again!

Its like I’m always having problems with computers, like in here and here. Computers – Cant live without them but I cant live with them either …

Curse youuuuuu computerrrrrrrrrr!!!

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  1. So what does it do that you don’t want it to do?

    Shutting down by itself could be heat issues, or maybe memory starting to fail.

    Hopefully its just a spyware sort of thing…

  2. hugs the unknown. Computers are such junk arent they? But its such a love hate relationship. Cant live with them, and cant live without them!

    Krysss : Now it totally wont start at all! Bro thinks its something about the processor being overheated … so he wants to replace it, I dont have the time to buy one though, so it’ll take a while …

    I’m using my brother’s computer for the moment. But its such an inconvenience to share this computer among 4 people 😐

    gasoon : Naaah! I used adsense before but honestly, I dont believe that adsense is a good way to make money … I’ve tried it before actually.

    Why dont you give me money instead? 😛

  3. Ugh, I know what you mean. I went to back up my laptop on my desktop before I sent the laptop in for work, and the desktop’s hard drive failed!

  4. Ack! That sounds horrible zandperl! Such an inconvenience isnt it, when we are dependant on computers and when it breaks down …

    Lakesid girl, not really since you already have a new computer 😛 I should get a new puter, I know, its about 4 years old now but I just prefer to use that computer, its got sentimental feelings for me since it was a birthday gift from my mother. I’ll try to update when I can 🙂 *hugs*

    Slither : Yeah .. we are cursed! 😐

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