Hungry hungry rinaz

I checked out the website again today:

From 1.7k down to 1.3k … Oh I give up

The place where I worked at had a sandwich making competition and it was such a visual and gastronomical treat!

Feed me …

The mother of all sandwiches.

Top it off with the thoughtful gift that Hanna gave me

Coffee? Yum!
Chocolate? Yum!
Chocolate in coffee? Mmmm heaven …


In other news, Kevin Kern had a concert in Singapore. Oh my! He’s one of my favourite pianists!

He had me from “In the Enchanted Garden” and I’ve played and played that cd till that cd practically got worn out.

Ooh I’d love to watch him in concert!

But instead, I’m stuck in night class… 😐

11 Replies to “Hungry hungry rinaz”

  1. Maybe you should sail there instead? Take a boat trip all the way thru the Nile and enter via Spain!!! But I guess it’ll take u the rest of the year to get there..LOL!!!

  2. hey my firstime here via BlogExplosion… hehe congrate for your wining the other day hoh.

    btw your blog really make me laugh a lot.

    and online ticket booking really that susah!?!?!?!?

  3. My alter ego : Speaking of football season I’m going to have to guess that he’ll be glued to the telley for the entire week!

    Gosh I picked the wrong dates 😛

    Paule : Believe me, they were really tasty the sandwiches!

    Red : Sail there? If I really wanted to, I’d like to go there by an inflatable tyre but I worry about the length of the journey and my fingers will surely be wrinkled 😛

    Hiya gasoon 🙂 Well, welcome to BE then 🙂 There’s heaps of good reading there 🙂 And thanks for saying that the blog is humorous.

    Online ticket booking is actually simple, its just that sometimes the price changes alot, so its a lot of heart pain.

    1.7k one day, can be 1.3k tomorrow … Irritating right?

  4. Aww dave *hugs* Its just the curse of the airlines who keeps changing the prices ..grrr!

    Kucingkurap : I already did, but seeing how the prices keep changing, it hurts you know. I could have saved a little bit of money …

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